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Great Commission Resurgence–Updated with FAQ

I would encourage all of our readers to click here to see the Frequently Asked Questions section of the GCR Declaration website.  It answers many of the questions that have been bantered back and forth since this document was first posted and then changed. This section to the declaration has cleared up a great turmoil […]

A Humble Response to the GCR Document and a Dialog with Dr. Reid

Recently, Dr. Alvin Reid responded to a post I wrote after last year’s convention. We have since exchanged very affirming emails and I was truly honored by his generous and kind response. In the post last year, I had some questions concerning what the Great Commission Resurgence (GCR) was all about because it seemed to […]

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Different Opinions but Similar Concerns

Dr. Bart Barber over at Praisegod Barebones has presented an articulate rendering of the reasons he cannot add his signature to the Twelve Axioms of a Great Commission Resurgence. I signed this document as one that is taking this document at face value.  Dr. Barber, while he takes it at face value, presents some convincing […]

The Family of Christ

Today we present to you this post from guest author Dr. Malcolm Yarnell, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology & Director of the Center for Theological Research at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Then His mother and brothers came to Him, but they could not meet with Him because of the crowd. He was told, “Your mother and Your […]

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Whose Jesus Do We Follow?

In the epistle of 1 John, the apostle is fighting a heresy that is contrary to a proper understanding of Christology. The heresy was known as Gnosticism and it distorted a true apprehension of who Jesus is, what Jesus did, and how a believer should live in light of the right response to those questions. […]

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