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The Freeness of God’s Salvation in SBC History

April 6, 2015

by Ron F. Hale

Three historic confessions of faith have shaped the theology of many Southern Baptists since 1845 — the inaugural year of our convention in Augusta, Georgia. The intent of this article is to demonstrate that many early Southern Baptists were not solely and singularly rooted in Reformed theology as some so solemnly swear today. Continue reading

An Objectionable Invitation: An Open Letter to My Southern Baptist Family

February 4, 2015

Robert Hutchinson | Pastor
Faith Baptist Church, Harrisonville, MO

Dear Southern Baptist Family:

Do Southern Baptists still believe that congregational governance is both biblical and God-ordained?  If we do, why would we invite to the Southern Baptist Convention Pastor’s Conference a speaker who has come to the irreversible conclusion that “congregational government is an invention and tool of the enemy of our souls to destroy the church of Jesus Christ”?

Continue reading

Reply to Jared Moore Regarding Southern Seminary and the BFM, Part 3

January 9, 2013

Adam Harwood, PhD
Assistant Professor of Christian Studies
Truett-McConnell College
Cleveland, Georgia

Moore misrepresents Harwood. Again.

            You write: “Harwood believes that mankind is only condemned for his own transgressions, and his sinful nature and environment are not ‘sin’ that requires a trust in Christ for redemption.  The only answer for sin in the BF&M2K is faith in Jesus Christ.  Consider Article IV of the BF&M2K where sin is only forgiven based on faith in Christ.” Once again, you have misrepresented my view. Your arguments would be strengthened if you supported them with evidence.

First, it is your view, Rev. Moore, which results in the salvation of guilty infants in contradiction to the BFM, which states: “There is no salvation apart from personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.” You argue 1) all infants are born sinful and guilty and 2) they are saved by the grace of God. But consider: How can an infant have “personal faith in Jesus Christ”? Continue reading