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5. Requiring Baptists to be Baptists

Rick Mug 2015 - Version 8

The membership requirements for a church to remain in friendly cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention are so weak that we run the risk of watering down our doctrinal standards in the areas of baptism and congregational polity.

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Testing Our Commitment to Congregational Polity

Robert Hutchinson

Congregational governance under Christ’s Lordship is another distinguishing mark of a Baptist church. A church may be baptistic in every other aspect, but if she does not have a form of congregational governance, she cannot be counted as a Baptist church.

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The Freeness of God’s Salvation in SBC History


Three historic confessions of faith have shaped the theology of many Southern Baptists since 1845 — the inaugural year of our convention in Augusta, Georgia. The intent of this article is to demonstrate that many early Southern Baptists were not solely and singularly rooted in Reformed theology as some so solemnly swear today.

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An Objectionable Invitation: An Open Letter to My Southern Baptist Family


James MacDonald literally believes that Satan invented congregational governance for the purpose of destroying the church. And yet, for the last two years, he has been invited to speak at the SBC Pastor’s Conference.

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Reply to Jared Moore Regarding Southern Seminary and the BFM, Part 3

Adam Harwood, PhD Assistant Professor of Christian Studies Truett-McConnell College Cleveland, Georgia Moore misrepresents Harwood. Again.             You write: “Harwood believes that mankind is only condemned for his own transgressions, and his sinful nature and environment are not ‘sin’ that requires a trust in Christ for redemption.  The only answer for sin in the BF&M2K […]

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