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4. Restoring Trust in our Trustee System

May 2, 2016

Dr. Rick Patrick | Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church, Sylacauga, AL

For quite some time now in Southern Baptist life, when controversial decisions have been made within our entities, I have heard our leaders repeat the mantra, “Trust the trustees!” But is it truly a prudent exercise of stewardship to bestow upon our trustee boards this kind of unlimited trust? Is it not possible that situations might arise in which we should not blindly trust the trustees, but rather investigate our processes for trustee selection and training and participation to make sure our leadership groups are functioning appropriately? Continue reading

We Are Right and You Must Agree

April 29, 2016

by Dr. William F. Harrell

*This post was taken from Dr. Harrell’s website and is used by permission

For those involved in the work of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the effort to bring the SBC back to the theological position of some, but not all, of its founders has taken on a growing new life among us.

What I am going to say about this will undoubtedly be misunderstood by some.  Others will ignore what I say.  There are some who just aren’t into the whole thing. Still others, especially those who are sympathetic to the movement, will simply try to find something for which to respond in a negative way.    Continue reading

Calvinism, God’s Goodness, and Assurance

April 27, 2016

Dr. Vern Charette | Evangelist
Vern Charette Ministries

*This article was originally published HERE and is used by permission.

A chill went up my spine. I was sitting in a systematic theology course in 2003 listening to my professor teach theology from Grudem’s systematic textbook. Like most young seminary students, I was wrestling with the differing views of soteriology (how a person is saved). One of the things I liked about my professor was that he was not only consistent as a Calvinist, but he was also willing to “bite the bullet” and candidly state the ramifications of his position. This particular day, we were asking clarifying questions of our professor in response to his lecture. I asked, “So, you are telling me that I could think I am saved, die and stand before God, only to find out that I wasn’t really saved at all.” Without equivocating for one moment, his answer was, “yes.” Continue reading

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