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We Are Right and You Must Agree


Question: Is agreement on Calvinism really worth all the vitriol and division that this unnecessary family argument is bringing? What is going to be accomplished if Calvinists succeed?

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Calvinism, God’s Goodness, and Assurance


I was in danger of finding out that in the end I was not saved, not due to my misunderstanding or misappropriation of the gospel, or even my very own self deception, but rather, it was God who was responsible for the whole thing.

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SBC Presidency Too Tricky for Greear

Rick Mug 2015 - Version 8

The choice for me is clear. Under no circumstances will I consider voting for J.D. Greear as President of the Southern Baptist Convention. Fortunately, for me, coming to that conclusion was not the least bit tricky.

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IMB Baptisms Hit Lowest Level Since 1969


The information being reported for 2015 represents work done in 2014 during the transition of IMB leadership from Tom Elliff to David Platt who was elected in August 2014 to replace Elliff.

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Why I Am Not An Arminian | Part Three


We are neither Calvinists nor Arminians; we are Baptists!

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