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Will Calvinism Split The Southern Baptist Convention?

August 23, 2016

Leighton Flowers | Professor of Theology
Dallas, TX

**This article was previously posted by Leighton Flowers on his website and is used by permission.

Leighton is: teaching pastor in his local church, an adjunct Professor of Theology, and the Youth Evangelism Director for Texas Baptists.

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**CORRECTION: Leighton mistakenly inversed the stats about Calvinistic pastors. 70-80% of pastors express concern over the rise of Calvinism while 20-30% support Calvinism according to the most recent studies. Continue reading

Casual Christianity | Part Two

August 22, 2016

by Dr. William F. Harrell

*This post was taken from Dr. Harrell’s website and is used by permission

This casual approach is also affecting the preachers and staff people. Many preachers and music men stand before their church each Sunday dressed in a way that my school teachers would not have tolerated and would have sent me home to change. My mother used to make me get new jeans if a hole came in the knee. “Boy, you can’t wear those jeans to school, they look terrible”, she would say. But, the casual, contemporary philosophy is that one cannot “reach” the people unless they are like them. Quite frankly, from what I have witnessed, those church leaders who hold that philosophy are insulting their members. Are they saying that they dress sloppily because their church members dress the same way? Sounds to me like they are. The people of the world are looking for an example, not for someone like them. Unsaved sinners are sick of who and what they are and they are looking for something different….something to change their lives both spiritually and socially. They are made comfortable with who and what they are when they see pastors, staff and church people who don’t seem to be concerned with what they are projecting. I am weary of being expected to condone the idea that the casual model is setting the right example and is acceptable. What does the lost person who is looking for an elevation of his life think when he sees a preacher on the platform looking like he just washed his dog, put on a sloppy coat, left his long shirt tail hanging below his coat hem and rushed to the church to preach? When the preacher and staff project the casual approach to Christianity that is what the people will adopt. Everything rises or falls on leadership and that is why a leader must make sure that he does not project the wrong thing. Continue reading

Casual Christianity | Part One

August 19, 2016

by Dr. William F. Harrell

*This post was taken from Dr. Harrell’s website and is used by permission

In the early nineties, a movement was born in the Evangelical world which has grown beyond the expectations of even those who started it. A pastor in Chicago, Bill Hybels, is credited with being the genesis of the contemporary movement and even he has seen the destructive side of it and has stated so. When I concluded my first eight-year term on the Executive Committee of the SBC, I delivered a short devotional to the subcommittee on which I was serving. In that devotional, I stated that there were two things which were going to have to be confronted and solved in the coming years and that they both begin with a “C”. Continue reading