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How Can We Seek A Regenerate Church Membership?

In Dr. Stanton Norman’s book, The Baptist Way, he makes the claim that Baptist churches must do a better job in having dialogues with those who desire membership. He mentions the dilemma that is faced when someone walks the isle and after a 30-45 second interview they are presented to the church. He reiterates a […]

Interview with Steve Grose

I recently had the privilege of conducting an email interview with Rev. Steve Grose. Rev. Grose has been pastor at the Newcastle Baptist Tabernacle since December 1996. Newcastle is a smaller city of 600,000 people to the north of the Sydney basin in the state of New South Wales. Baptists in the region number about […]

On Church Membership and Baptism

It was my privilege to serve as chairman of the resolutions committee of the Frisco Baptist Association (FBA) this year. We had our 114th annual meeting last night, and our committee presented five resolutions, all of which passed without opposition. Below is the text of the longest of the five, a resolution intended to begin […]

The Renewal of Baptist Theology

In preparation for an upcoming essay on the background of his Fifth Century Initiative, to be posted here at SBC Today, Dr. Bart Barber, pastor of the First Baptist Church at Farmersville, Texas, and adjunct Professor of Church History at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has submitted the following introductory material to that forthcoming essay: My […]

Revisionists and Baptist Dissent

We are pleased to present, in our latest audio resource, a sermon series on “Those Darn Baptists” preached by Ronnie W. Rogers. He serves as the senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Oklahoma. Click here for biographical information about Pastor Rogers, and be sure to visit his blog. Today, we present the second […]