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Misunderstandings, Monikers, and Misrepresentations: Reflections of an Under-40 Pastor in the SBC

Recent days have seen the increasing warning that pastors under 40 are abandoning the SBC for a movement that is more relevant. Large church pastors on the cutting edge are paraded before the followers of SBC goings-on for the purpose of demonstrating “how it ought to be done.” Falling baptismal rates, shrinking churches, and graying […]

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Atheist Affirms Believers Baptism

In perusing the blogs I ran across an interesting blog article.  It referenced a story about groups of atheists and secularists seeking to be “de-baptised”.  In this story the atheist and secularist affirm that baptism should be done by those who make a conscious decision to do so.  Do not get me wrong, I am […]

Are You Hearing These Questions?

Some are saying that questions are being asked that are not being answered. The only questions that I have heard asked relate, not to change, but to control. It seems that these questions began back in 2005-06 at the call for change coming from a disgruntled International Mission Board (IMB) trustee. This call and the […]

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Infant Baptism is Sin–From the Perspective of a Layman

We welcome a new contributor today.  Chris Poe is a recent blogger that has been linked to over at Praisegod Barebones.  If you would like to comment on this article you can go to Praisegod Barebones or One Pilgrim’s Progress Raised United Methodist, Chris says he  was a blasphemer who denied the deity of Christ […]

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What This Southern Baptist Is For

One thing is for certain, when a person stands up for biblical principles that go against an inclusive approach that seeks to cooperate at the expense of a proper ecclesiology in the church planting enterprise, people will seek to discredit you and misuse your statements. First and foremost let me say that I affirm Dr. […]