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Everybody Wants to Build a Bridge

Tim Rogers has given us some thoughts on bridge building in the post below.  This seems to be the new buzz word for unity and it is being used by various people.  This post is one he recently had on his site and has now allowed us to publish it here. My late father would […]

Defining the Great Commission Resurgence

First, let me say, “What a convention!” Even though Frank Cox did not win the presidential race, I believe that all of us were still pleased that Johnny Hunt did. To me, the watershed moment of the convention was when Dr. Hunt preached at the pastors conference. A bunch of us did get to meet […]

Bart Barber: About the Association of Convictional Baptists

One great blessing I have received since I began to blog is the friendships I have formed through this electrical medium we call the internet.  One such friend, mentor, and adviser is Dr. Bart Barber.  Last February Bart came to Immanuel and led our Baptist Distinctives Conference.  The church fell in love with him and […]

A Resolution on Doctrine

The series of three posts on Baptists distinctives that John Mann contributed were the product of research he did in the preparation of a resolution on doctrine, which he has submitted to the Resolutions Committee for their consideration in Indianapolis. Here is the text of his resolution: WHEREAS the Great Commission instructs Christians to make […]

The Goals of the Baptist Identity Movement (Part 3)

This is the third and final installment in a series of posts by guest author Rev. John Mann. These essays are the result of research he has done in the preparation of a resolution he has submitted to the SBC Resolutions Committee for their consideration in Indianapolis. We will publish that resolution here next week. […]

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