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The Essentials of Christianity

Recently, Dr. Malcolm Yarnell (Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Southwestern) gave the Reformation Day chapel sermon at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. To listen to it, click here. To see the hand written manuscript of the sermon click here. For me, the two quotes that I found most intriguing are: As a New Testament Christian, […]

How Christians Reflect the World

Lately, I have been silently concerned about some of the things that have been blogged about pertaining to certain people in the SBC. Frankly, I got tired of rolling in the mud with certain individuals and I have been busy being a pastor. While these things have continued, I have also noticed on the national […]

Lifeway Poll Reveals Concerns on Baptism

I am excited to see that an overwhelming majority of Southern Baptist pastors accept and affirm, as a conviction, their belief in baptism by immersion.  This further demonstrates that our basic belief in this doctrine is firmly placed within the Southern Baptist Convention.  This belief about baptism is not just a cultural embellishment, but a […]


John Mann, who has contributed to SBC Today before, has offered a new treatise which we are happy to publish. He is pastor at La Junta Baptist church and in 2001 he lead the congregation to disfellow themselves from the Baptist General Convention of Texas and uniquely align themselves with the Southern Baptists of Texas […]

Baptist Distinctives Series

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will host its fourth annual Baptist Distinctives Series conference on September 25-26, 2008. This year’s topic is “Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church.” The conference will explore the biblical foundations for the New Testament church as expressed in the Baptist Faith & Message 2000. Topics will include the autonomy […]