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Preaching in a Great Commission Resurgence

I guess I am still pondering the sermon that Dr. Albert Mohler gave at this years FBC Jacksonville Pastors Conference. It is one sermon that made me reflect on my own ministry. I also picked up Dr. Mohler’s book on preaching, He Is Not Silent. I highly recommend it for anyone engaged in the preaching […]

An Imaginary Divide

It has been a fascinating few weeks in the world of SBC blogs. Accusations have been made and points argued at a pace reminiscent of the early days of Baptist blogging back in 2006. In all the excitement, some have perhaps overreached, and I want to point out one example of what I view as […]

Dr. Patterson Answers the False Allegations of "Landmarkism"

In an online article published by the Southern Baptist Texan, Dr. Patterson was given an opportunity to answer some of his critics. In this article, he was clear to define himself as not “Landmark,” but “convinced Baptist.” To read the article in its entirety click here. Below is an excerpt from the story. “As pastors […]

What is Baptist Identity?

To be honest, I cannot answer that question fully. In fact, our movement is varied among people who do differ on tertiary issues, but believe (according to Dr. Mohler’s theological triage) secondary issues that define us as Southern Baptists do matter in areas of planting churches. With all that said, while I don’t believe I […]

Abandoning Doctrinal Fidelity for the Lowest Common Denominator

While attending the FBC Jacksonville Pastor’s conference, the events of last week have weighed heavily on my mind. Namely what our site, SBCToday, should be about. The resource managers have primarily taken up the cause of the nearly forgotten doctrines concerning Baptist ecclesiology. Because of this, some have referred to us as “Baptist Identity” (BI), […]