Category: Baptist Identity

Dr. Patterson on Calvinism

I am hopeful that last week’s Building Bridges conference on Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Convention will be the beginning of an important and helpful conversation about how we can work together as Baptists, Calvinist and non-Calvinist, without any negative effects resulting from our differing viewpoints. There is so much on which we agree that […]

Are Baptist Distinctives That Important?

One man thinks so. Dr. R. Stanton Norman in his book, The Baptist Way, states this: No Christian denomination therefore embraces consistently all our distinctive traits. Baptist distinctives are still distinctive only of Baptists. In light of this, we should remain loyal to and actively seek to propagate our distinctive theological identity as an expression […]

Interview with Dr. Malcolm Yarnell

After spending some time together with Dr. Malcolm Yarnell I was able to sit down with him and conduct an interview. Something interesting about this interview is that it came at the end of a day where Dr. Yarnell was specifically mentioned by another presenter at the “Building Bridges” conference as being wrong in some […]

Dissent, Religious Liberty, and Dr. Bart Barber

Recently Dr. Bart Barber posted an article on his blog Praisegod Barebones that dealt with dissent and religious liberty. Baptist are living in a time where influences from the world are becoming prevalent in our conversations. One such area is the repackaging and redefining of Baptist historical theology in the way of terms and identity. […]

Baptist Thanks

I’m not much for trite sayings during this time of season.  I’ve made up a satirical song for thanksgiving about Mr. Turkey, but I’ll spare you the sing-a-long.  I’ve also been somewhat AWOL in the blogging community because doctoral work has been overwhelming.  There is a season for everything, and I appreciate my fellow bloggers […]