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The Distinctive of Believer's Baptism by Immersion

Douglas Fairbanks once said; “I feel like a mosquito in a nudist colony. I look around and I know it’s wonderful to be here, but I don’t know where to begin.” As I embark on this post, I must confess I feel much the same way. What else can be said about the ordinance of […]

How Can We Seek A Regenerate Church Membership?

In Dr. Stanton Norman’s book, The Baptist Way, he makes the claim that Baptist churches must do a better job in having dialogues with those who desire membership. He mentions the dilemma that is faced when someone walks the isle and after a 30-45 second interview they are presented to the church. He reiterates a […]

On Church Membership and Baptism

It was my privilege to serve as chairman of the resolutions committee of the Frisco Baptist Association (FBA) this year. We had our 114th annual meeting last night, and our committee presented five resolutions, all of which passed without opposition. Below is the text of the longest of the five, a resolution intended to begin […]

Reclaiming the Baptist Distinctive – Baptism by Immersion

Dr. Jim Richards, Executive Director of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention and 1st Vice-President of the Southern Baptist Convention, was invited to speak in chapel at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary on Tuesday. Dr. Richards spoke on the need for regaining the Baptist distinctive of baptism. Dr. Richards spoke clearly about this distinctive. He attributed […]

Balthasar Hubmaier – The Abomination of Infant Baptism

In seminary, I became a big fan of the Anabaptists. While not totally agreeing with all their beliefs, I admired their willingness to sacrifice all for their doctrine. One such doctrine that did not allow compromise was confessional baptism. An excellent resource on Anabaptists is William R. Estep’s book, The Anabaptist Story. In his section […]