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Twelve False Assumptions People Make About Baptists (Part Two)

Dr. Dan Nelson, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Camarillo, CA 7.     . . . that we are controlled by a Hierarchy First, the Bible does not teach that we should have a hierarchy of religious officials over the church. Pastors lead the congregation as a spiritual leader while the deacons assist him. We have already asserted […]

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Twelve False Assumptions People Make About Baptists (Part One)

Dr. Dan Nelson, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Camarillo, CA The disciples were first called Christians at Antioch by people who saw their lives. They assumed they were like Jesus by how they lived. All of us have been confronted by people who think they know what Baptists believe and practice. If these practices have not […]

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A Testimony….from Sin to Grace…Delivered

My Mom and Dad decided to go back to Church when I was a young boy.  They went to the Methodist Church near where we lived in Memphis.  My Mother had gone to a Methodist Church part of the time as a girl, and the other part of the time, she went to the Pentecostal […]

Landmarkists? Really?

J. R. Graves, who was such a major  influence for Landmarkism in W. TN and Western Kentucky,  was also a major player in the development of Union University in Jackson, TN.  Dr. James Pendleton was also a major influence for Landmarkism in Southern Baptist life, and he was a former President of Union University. These two men […]

A Clear Statement from Committee on Resolutions

In perusing the churches represented by the various ones being appointed to committees I am beginning to see signs of encouragement.  For example the following statements are found on the websites of some being appointed to the Committee of Resolutions. In this first statement I have not placed emphasis on any statement.  The bold emphasis […]

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