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Are We Sprinkling the Plants?

December 2, 2014

Dr. Rick Patrick | Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church, Sylacauga, AL

In an earlier essay entitled The SPRINKLED Baptist Convention, the practice of accepting members into a Southern Baptist Church without requiring immersion baptism was explored. As evidence, I cited the following policy verbatim:

While we practice a baptism by immersion at [Church Name], we do not require the mode of immersion for membership. If a person was sprinkled or immersed (or a possible other mode) after conversion, he or she has met our requirement for membership.

In the comment stream, I was told by one commenter that he had copied this quote and pasted it into his search engine browser. He found that on the very first page of search engine results there were several churches that had embraced this same precise language. It is reasonable to conclude others are using it as well.

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The First Anabaptist Martyr–Felix Manz

September 16, 2014

Dr. Dan Nelson | Pastor
First Baptist Church, Camarillo, CA

Felix Manz was the son of a canon of Grossmünster church in Zürich. Though records of his education are scant, there is evidence that he had a liberal education, with a thorough knowledge of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Where he was educated was not known. Manz became a disciple of Huldrych Zwingli after he came to Zürich in 1519. He had high hopes for Zwingli’s reforms. When Conrad Grebel joined the group following Zwingli in 1521, he and Manz became friends. They questioned the mass, the nature of church and state connections, and infant baptism. After the Second Disputation of Zürich in 1523, they became dissatisfied, believing that Zwingli’s plans for reform had been compromised with the city council. He did not fully reform Switzerland after the New Testament pattern.
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