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Podcast Episode 3

August 12, 2009

podcast logoWell, it’s that time again, and here for your amusement is episode 3 of the SBC Today podcast. We were down a voice or two this week, but what we lacked in quantity, we made up in no appreciable way whatsoever. But we did have fun.

In this episode, we begin with a bit of talk about the GCR Taskforce and the NAMB trustee meeting. At the time of recording the GCR Taskforce had not yet begun their meeting, and the NAMB trustees were in executive session, so there really wasn’t much to discuss. We ended the program with prayer for both groups.

We also talked about polyamory, which is every bit as strange as it sounds. And in the middle, taking up the bulk of the time, is a discussion about the local church, the Great Commission, and baptism.

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As always, here are links to some of the things we discussed.

Podcast Episode 2

August 5, 2009

podcast logoWe’re back again with another of our weekly podcasts. In this episode, we talk about the GCR Task Force, the closing of Sunday schools, de-baptisms, and the chaos at the North American Mission Board. We’re enjoying recording these, and hope that they are enjoyable to listen to, as well.

We welcome your suggestions for ways we can improve the podcast. Feel free to comment here, and also to leave a review for us on iTunes. Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you back here next week.

Here are links to some of the items we talked about during the episode:

The Podcast Returns

July 29, 2009

podcast logoWe are either slow learners or gluttons for punishment (or both, as I suppose they’re not mutually exclusive), but we’ve decided to have another go at producing a weekly podcast. We’ve had good intentions in the past, but I think we’ve set too high a bar in terms of content and production quality, with the result that we were never able to keep up with regular episodes due to our schedules.

So we’re trying out a new and much more informal format. As you’ll hear, there’s less structure to our discussion. It’s basically just us gathered around to discuss issues, and that’s what we wanted. We hope you’ll enjoy listening to our ramblings, and we plan on producing a new episode each week containing discussions about what’s happening in SBC life.

In this episode, you’ll hear us discuss everything from Clark Logan to Jimmy Carter to Christmas in August. You can listen using the player below, or you can click our podcast logo (or the iTunes link in the sidebar) to be taken to iTunes, where you can subscribe and have each episode delivered to you fresh from the oven.

If you have suggestions for things you’d like to hear us discuss on the podcast, or just ideas for how we can improve, leave a comment here, or click “About” in the header for email links for each of us.

Below are some links to articles & resources we mention during the episode. Thanks for listening, and for reading SBC Today.

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