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Podcast Episode 12

October 21, 2009

podcast logoScheduling conflicts prevented us from recording a podcast last week, but we’re back this week with episode 12. Joe Stewart couldn’t make it, but the rest of the gang is here, along with a special guest. Bill Tomlinson, who retired to his native Virginia earlier this year after fifty years serving as pastor to churches in North Carolina and Virginia, joined us this week, and it was an honor to have him. Our conversation started with a review of a couple of resolutions passed by a couple of our associations, and wandered in all directions from there.

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Here are .pdf versions of the resolutions we discussed:

Podcast Episode 11

October 7, 2009

podcast logoThe gang’s all here for episode 11 of the SBC Today podcast. In this episode, we start with no clear direction, and quickly wander off in all directions. Along the way, we discuss mission board vacancies, the GCR task-force, and whatever else comes to our ADD-infested minds. The good news is, this is our shortest podcast so far, coming in just under half an hour.

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Links to items discussed in this week’s podcast:

Podcast Episode 10: Ed Stetzer Edition

September 30, 2009

podcast logoWe’re back for another installment of the SBC Today podcast, Ed Stetzer edition. Robin Foster was unexpectedly AWOL for the recording, but the rest of the gang is here, and this week’s podcast is all about Ed Stetzer. Okay, not really, but I have been given to understand that the more times you mention Ed Stetzer in a blog post, the more traffic you can expect (I think I heard that from Ed Stetzer). And Ed Stetzer does figure prominently in this week’s podcast, as it is a point-by-point discussion of Ed Stetzer’s recent post on the Between the Times blog, a post wherein Ed Stetzer shares Ed Stetzer’s suggestions for where we go from here as a convention, and what things Ed Stetzer thinks we need to focus on. We don’t always agree with Ed Stetzer, as you’ll see in the podcast, but Ed Stetzer has his eye on the developing trends in our convention, so it’s certainly worthwhile to take a look at what Ed Stetzer has to say, especially regarding the future of our convention. Ed Stetzer.

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Links to items discussed in episode 10:

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