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Podcast Episode 29

Les Puryear joins us on the podcast to discuss the SBC Majority Initiative and his recent series of posts on the distinction between Reformed pastors and traditional Southern Baptist pastors who are Calvinists. A storm caused us to lose our connection with Les just as we are beginning to discuss his blog series, so you’ll […]

Podcast Episode 28

This podcast, which I incorrectly introduce as episode 27, was recorded around a conference table at a hotel near the convention center in Orlando after an eventful first day at the 2010 annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. From the Pastor’s Conference to the motions to the debate and passage of the report of […]

Podcast Episode 25

It’s been a few weeks since our last podcast. Okay, it’s been two months. But the important thing is, we’re back. David was unable to join in the fun, but the rest of us forged ahead, and recorded less than fifteen minutes before we ran out of steam. We’re out of practice, and need to […]

Podcast Episode 24

Today on our podcast, we are joined once again by Dr. Ergun Caner, President of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.  In this episode we talk with Dr. Caner about recent events, comments he has made and comments which have been made about him. Listen to the podcast by using the player below, or subscribe in iTunes […]

Podcast Episode 23

This week’s podcast is our longest yet, at just over forty-four minutes, but hopefully the discussion will prove worth the time. We didn’t even cover all the topics we intended to address. In times past, such long-windedness would have been laid squarely at the feet of Bart Barber, but since he’s not around to blame, […]