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Troublemakers in the SBC: Do We Want Unity or Division?

July 18, 2016

Dr. Bob Hadley | Pastor
Westside Baptist Church, Daytona Beach, FL

*This article is taken from Dr. Hadley’s website,, and is used by permission.

Only July 12, the New Orleans Baptist Association published a statement titled, Which Way Forward, Toward Unity or Division?” It can be read in its entirety by CLICKING HERE. I understand the need for unity and the desire for unity. As Christians, one would think that this would be a given. As the old saying goes, union is one thing; unity is another. Continue reading

Southern Baptist State Leaders Accuse Mission Organization of Strong Arming

May 12, 2016

by Joni B. Hannigan

***This article was previously posted at the Christian Examiner and is used by permission.

Several Southern Baptist state conventions leaders have accused the denomination’s North American Mission Board (NAMB) of linking financial support from the national entity — funding for church planting and other ministries — to secretive Cooperative Agreements which include a clause that threatens to withhold ministry funds to the states if disclosures about the agreement — or concerns — are shared publicly. Continue reading

Sad Days Among the SBC

June 11, 2015

Jerry Watts | Pastor
Hueytown Baptist Church, Hueytown, AL

After reading a ‘national blog’ (whatever that is), below was and is my response.  For me, these are sad days among Southern Baptists.  At a time when we need to expand our ‘cooperative spirit’, it seems the divisive nature of mankind is running rampant among us.  Grace.

I continue to read, with interest, the ongoing disrespect and disparaging which goes towards the State Conventions.  For me (no I am not a YOUNGER GEN person) it is indeed sad.  It is sad that we feel like we have to ‘tear down’ that part of the SBC structure which has built us up.  My experience only extends to the last 40 years, but in this time I have watched as the staff of state conventions have given unselfishly of their time and giftedness to extend and expand the Cooperative Program and thus, the Kingdom of God.  They have spent a great deal of time away from their families to assist the local church.  They have worked tirelessly to educate and inspire member churches to ‘cooperate’ (hmm, what a word) together for both ministry and mission.  These State Missionaries have been a resource for churches, small and large.  Many of these state missionaries received ‘pay cuts’ to assume these responsibilities which they felt ‘called to.’  And they approach their task at the state level with a sense of ‘divine call.’ Continue reading

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