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Merry Christmas to All

Enjoy this video with our heartfelt wishes for a blessed Christmas season and a prosperous New Year.

Words of Explanation

As many of our readers have noticed we are sporadic at best in our posting.  This is not a result of being ADD as some of you may wonder.  :)  However, it is a result of hectic schedules and losing contributors.

In the spirit of the guys over at SBC Impact, we would like to ask for your indulgence with us as we try to sort through the various bumps in the road that have come our way.  We are presently trying to secure another contributor to replace those who have needed to step aside.  We believe that it is not good for a trustee of an SBC Entity to publicly express his disagreement or opinion concerning other entities.  Thus, Brothers Bart and John stepped aside after they were voted into their positions of denominational service.  Brother Robin has embarked upon a much tougher schedule concerning his studies and he felt it was best for him to step aside temporarily in order to devote the time needed for his studies.  We did add Dr. Bill Tomlinson and he has yet to contribute his first article.  One of the ‘challenges’  to having people over 60 as a contributor is their lack of computer savy (just ask us some time about Tim, too! :-) ).  Brother Bill is learning from scratch how to post and all of the ins and outs of blog world.

This means an extra amount of work on the rest of us as we proceed.  With this in mind we are currently praying about adding others to our list of contributors to give our readers the kind of coverage we believe is needed of current SBC issues.  Our vision today remains the same as it did when we began: Restoring unity through Biblical Discipleship and Baptist Identity.

We have a Christmas post scheduled for December 21, 2009 for your enjoyment.  We encourage you to spend time with your family and churches during the Christmas season.  Use this time to reflect on the blessings of the gift of God in your life.  It will be some time after January 1, 2010 before we get back on a regular schedule of posting articles.  Pray for us as the Lord leads.

Pray for Dr. Johnny Hunt

JohnnyHunt2According to Baptist Press, Southern Baptist Convention President Johnny Hunt has announced that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will undergo initial treatment in January.  To read the entire article click here.

All of us at SBC Today send our best to Dr. Hunt and his family during this time.  We ask all to pray for a speedy recovery and that God will continue to be glorified through His servant.

A New Voice

btomlinsonWe are pleased to welcome a new member to the SBC Today team. William L. “Bill” Tomlinson served as a pastor for 50 years, retiring Jan. 31,2009. Among his churches were Pine Street Baptist in Richmond, Va., First Baptist, Newport  News, Va., and, for the last 21 years , Arlington Baptist in Rocky Mount, NC. Bill earned his M.Div. degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and his D.Min. from Luther Rice Seminary.

Prior to his retirement, Bill was active in the state conventions of both Virginia and North Carolina, serving in several different capacities. His pastorates were marked by growth in each of his churches. He was especially involved in the building of new facilities and in two pastorates actually leading the church in its relocation  process. He is conservative in his theology, traditional in his worship and Christ-centered in his ministry. At  the present time he and his wife, Jane, reside in Farmville, Virginia.

We look forward to the contributions Bill will make here, as we all will surely benefit greatly from his seasoned perspective as a veteran of many years of faithful ministry in Baptist churches.

It's Not Goodbye, Just See Ya Later

Over two years ago I had the privilege to form this blog with friends who were of common mind and interest. Before that I was a rogue :-) blogger on my own, speaking about various issues including topics on the Southern Baptist Convention. So, for over three and a half years I have spent an enormous amount of time interacting with many of you. It has been quite a learning experience and I have benefited from this venture. I thank you all for taking the time out to converse with me over issues we are passionate about. But the time has come for me to break away to pursue other interests, namely leading the church I pastor in reevaluating how we reach others for Christ in our changed culture (from attractional [programs] to incarnational [process]) and producing my dissertation on the Great Commission. To do this will require my focus (outside of God and family which comes first) to be on these two important aspects of my ministry.

Therefore, I am taking a long hiatus from SBCToday. While I will still contribute an article occasionally and show up for a podcast or two, my participation in the day to day management and decision making of this site with the other resource managers has ceased for the foreseeable future.

I thank all the guys here at SBCToday for their friendships and support as we have been a united voice of Baptist Identity and biblical discipleship. There are a lot of things that I reflect upon and stand amazed at how God has used us to affect His work in the SBC. There have also been some learning experiences that have tempered us all. For that I am gratefully humbled. All together Wes, Tim, Scott, and Joe are all fine men and I count it a privilege to have served with them in this blogging adventure.

God bless to all!

Bro. Robin