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Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Report to the Executive Committee

Here is the video of the GCR Task Force interim report.  It is similar in essence to the one given to the meeting of the SBC Executive Committee on Monday, Febraury 22, 2010.  After viewing the video or reading the report, discuss your thoughts, impressions, expectations, enthusiasm, or disappointment in the comment thread below the video.

GCR Progress Report from GCR on Vimeo.

Kenneth Starr To lead Baylor

It appears that Baylor will name Kenneth Starr, former special prosecutor, to lead Baylor.  We point you to the Associated Baptist Press article for this information.    We add that no one from Baylor has confirmed these reports.  According to the Waco Tribune, Starr has said he will join a Baptist Church after he is employed at Baylor.

If this is the case then we will have an Evangelical with a Church of Christ background leading a Baptist institution.  I must admit, Texas Baptist seemingly appreciate their scriptural doctrine as they like their food, all mixed up.   Once again we have another church member becoming a Baptist because of convenience.  I wish Dr. Kenneth Starr the best, but this is another example of becoming a Baptist because it suits a particular need instead of it being a conviction of the soul.

Buckets of Hope for Haiti

An effort is underway through our SBC Disaster Relief ministry to facilitate local churches in providing food relief for Haitian families through “Buckets of Hope.”  Below is a video detailing what to include and how to assemble one of these buckets.  Information is also available at the NAMB website: Buckets of Hope.

Collection of buckets is being coordinated through state convention disaster relief ministries.  Contact your association or state convention disaster relief coordinators for details on collection sites and further information.  March 15 is the targeted date for buckets to be sent to the national collection site in Florida.

You may also link to the NAMB video site here.

Honoring a Hero

My nephew, Josh Cash, served in Iraq and has now finished his tour of duty.  He fought so that we could be free to debate on the blogs and enjoy the various freedoms we have in America.  I praise God for those who serve in our military and place their life on the line every day.

Josh had a close friend that was with him in school at East Carolina University,  Sgt. David Smith.  He was called back to active duty to serve in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.  Sgt. Smith made the ultimate sacrifice in order for you and me to enjoy the freedoms we enjoy.  I ask that you take time to pray for Sgt. Smith’s family and view the link to the quote below and  read the comments.  You can read his obituary here.  He is a true hero in every sense of the word.  Let’s speak words of encouragement to all who serve in our military in order that you and I can be free.  That is what we open our comment section for today.

Sgt. David Smith, USMCR, 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Company B., died of injuries suffered in an attack last week in Afghanistan.  The 25-year-old Marine died Tuesday, 26 Jan 2010 after evac to Germany. Military officials related Sgt. Smith was wounded in a bombing Saturday in Helmand province that killed at least two others from his company.  DoD Official Release is still pending.

This young hero’s family has reached out to the Patriot Guard Riders and asked us to honor his service and sacrifice.  It will be an honor to show our respect.  Funeral Services will be in Frederick Maryland and interment at Arlington National Cemetery, with dates and times to be determined.

Our most heartfelt condolences to the family of this young Warrior.  He was only a month shy of his 26th birthday and by all accounts loved his family, his community and his Corps.  Our Nation, State and local communities are poorer with his loss.

Official DoD release:

The Department of Defense announced today the death of a Marine who was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

Sgt. David J. Smith, 25, of Frederick, Md., died Jan. 26 from wounds received Jan. 23 while supporting combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He was assigned to 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 4th Marine Division, Marine Forces Reserve, based out of Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Biblically Centered, Distinctively Baptist

In a day when some want to remove Baptist from our names and even distance ourselves from the name “Southern Baptist”, we have a college that is making strides to do otherwise.  Truett-McConnell made great strides at their last trustee meeting to bring their faculty under accountability and strengthen their relationship with Southern Baptists.  Thank God for the leadership of a Board of Trustees that is not afraid to step forward and boldly confess they believe in the inerrancy of the Word of God and that they are Baptists.

Enjoy the article from the Christian Index.