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SBC Today Blog Reactivated

March 13, 2011

The SBC Today blog will be reactivated in the next few days to provide a forum for we who identify ourselves as Baptists to dialogue about how best to fulfill God’s calling in our lives. We want to expand the pool of our regular participants.

We would love to know the topics you would like to discuss at SBC Today — Worship styles? Apologetics? Effective preaching? Biblical theology? Missions? World religions and cults? Baptist polity? Theological books? Methodology? Convention issues? We would love to hear from you what you’re interested in discussing, and what you’re interested in. Let us hear from you!

A Conference We Plan to Attend

August 23, 2010

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Like most Pastors I have to choose carefully which conferences earn my time.  Some conferences are nothing more than a mere get together for a whoop and holler and go back pumped.  That pumped feeling wears off usually within a day of returning.  Why?  Most of the time something happens to burst your bubble when you get home.  A deacon will call you an say something like; “while you were out of town we received information that Sister Bertha better than you, was offended by something that you said in the message.”  Or you get a visit from a precious church member that reminds you of something you said 3 years earlier that was offensive and he/she were leaving the church and “just wanted you to be aware”.  The conference was just as well not attended and you are now wondering how in the world those at the conference could make statements like; “I hire my own staff”, or “I do not visit in hospitals”, or even better than those two, “I don’t have anyone on my staff that is not my friend.”

What I appreciate about Dr. Vines conference is that people will be on hand to discuss the issues one may meet.  Problems come and those who are in the trenches are the ones that can tell you what to expect and how to overcome them.  Well, I am registered for the upcoming conference and if I can convince Brother Wes to go, he will be registered by the weekend. :)

I encourage those who are looking for hands on practicums to sign-up and be there.

Security of the Believer Series

August 20, 2010

Dr. Steve Lemke

Rev. Peter Lumpkins

In case you missed it I want to direct your attention to my friend Peter Lumpkins blog.  He began a six part series on the Security of the Believer that is entitled: Why Your Faith Is Secure. Of course Brother Peter is only re-posting this series that was originally authored by Dr. Steve Lemke, Provost at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  The original series appeared in the [Louisiana] Baptist Message. I encourage you to take a gander at this series as it delivers great insight and encourages believers.  While I am a little late to the party, one can find Part 1 here.

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