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First Official Announcement for President

We have the first announcement for President of the SBC.  I first saw the announcement on Twitter.  Dr. Johnny Hunt is one that I follow and he retweeted both the Florida Baptist Witness report and the Baptist Press reporting of the announcement.  Does that mean that Dr. Hunt is endorsing Dr. Wright?  I do not […]

Statement from Dr. Ergun Caner

The following is a statement from Dr. Ergun Caner, President of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, regarding the recently renewed accusations and criticisms of his life and ministry.  He issued this from his website,, Thursday evening, February 25, 2010.  We have reproduced it here, by permission of the author, for your convenience.  The original may […]

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Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Report to the Executive Committee

Here is the video of the GCR Task Force interim report.  It is similar in essence to the one given to the meeting of the SBC Executive Committee on Monday, Febraury 22, 2010.  After viewing the video or reading the report, discuss your thoughts, impressions, expectations, enthusiasm, or disappointment in the comment thread below the […]

Kenneth Starr To lead Baylor

It appears that Baylor will name Kenneth Starr, former special prosecutor, to lead Baylor.  We point you to the Associated Baptist Press article for this information.    We add that no one from Baylor has confirmed these reports.  According to the Waco Tribune, Starr has said he will join a Baptist Church after he is employed […]

Buckets of Hope for Haiti

An effort is underway through our SBC Disaster Relief ministry to facilitate local churches in providing food relief for Haitian families through “Buckets of Hope.”  Below is a video detailing what to include and how to assemble one of these buckets.  Information is also available at the NAMB website: Buckets of Hope. Collection of buckets […]