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And Now There Are Three

According to the Florida Baptist Witness Dr. Ted Traylor has now announced he will allow his name to be placed before the convention for President.  Dr. Traylor has been Pastor of Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida for the past 20 years.  Olive Baptist gives over 10% of their undesignated funds to CP and they […]

Can One Return?

Just a quick note to let the readers of SBC Today know that I am adding some duties to my already full schedule.  I am restarting Southern Baptist In NC, my personal blog.  The reasons for this are varied.  I plan to post once a week there and those posts will be more in keeping […]

Then There Were Two

According to Alabama Baptist news Dr. Jimmy Jackson announced he will allow his name to be nominated for President of the Convention in June.  Dr. Jackson has served Whitesburg Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama for the past 31 years as Senior Pastor. According to their latest CP, Whitesburg Baptist forwards right at 5% of their […]

First Official Announcement for President

We have the first announcement for President of the SBC.  I first saw the announcement on Twitter.  Dr. Johnny Hunt is one that I follow and he retweeted both the Florida Baptist Witness report and the Baptist Press reporting of the announcement.  Does that mean that Dr. Hunt is endorsing Dr. Wright?  I do not […]

Statement from Dr. Ergun Caner

The following is a statement from Dr. Ergun Caner, President of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, regarding the recently renewed accusations and criticisms of his life and ministry.  He issued this from his website,, Thursday evening, February 25, 2010.  We have reproduced it here, by permission of the author, for your convenience.  The original may […]

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