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“To Clear from Accusation or Blame”

The title of this post is the Merriam-Webster definition for the word “exoneration”.  I used “exoneration” in the post announcing the completed investigation of Dr. Ergun Caner.  In this post I would like to explain to our readers the thought process that went into that announcement.

First, I placed the announcement there without any consultation of the other managers here at SBC Today.  That post was my doing and I accept full responsibility.  I know that Brothers Wes, Scott, and David have taken some serious attacks on their characters and for this I am sorry.  It was never my intention to place them in such a position as to have to defend their integrity as others have hammered away.

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Dr. Ergun Caner Investigation Completed

The following is the statement that Liberty University has released concerning their investigation of Dr. Ergun Caner.  It seems that Liberty is moving in a direction to say nothing further.  In that vein we at SBC Today will not discuss this issue any further.  This matter is behind us and we praise God that Dr. Caner is exonerated as he is retained at Liberty on faculty.

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Tennessee Football and Nashville Political Volleyball–the SEC comes to the SBC

When Lane Kiffin came to the University of Tennessee (UT) he predicted that he would beat Florida.  He then accused the Florida coach, Urban Meyer, of recruiting violations.  When Kiffin came to UT athletic Director, Mike Hamilton said;

When it was all said and done, we felt like Lane Kiffin was a perfect fit for Tennessee. He’s energetic, charismatic, consumed with recruiting and has had a lifelong love affair with football.

However, when Kiffin left Tennessee Hamilton made the following statement;

“I feel like we gave him a chance and gave him a good job,” Hamilton said when asked Wednesday if he felt betrayed at Kiffin’s departure. “If I said I was anything less than disappointed, not personally disappointed … I’m more disappointed for our kids and our fans.”

What happened in 14 months to go from “being a perfect fit” to being “less than disappointed”?  If Kiffin was a perfect fit for Tennessee 14 months earlier, then how would he be  anything other than the wrong fit for the University of Southern California?  It all comes down to the “dream” job.

Before the Great Commission Resurgent Task Force (GCRTF) began their work one state editor specifically warned against Task Force members serving only to land their “dream” job.  Southern Baptist Texan editor, Gary Ledbetter, said it this way;

If some Southern Baptists are going to face difficult changes in their ministries, it might go down better if no task force members find themselves with shiny new jobs in the process.

It comes down to maintaining one’s integrity that he/she is being used by God instead of running around trying to land the perfect position.  Here within one year of being named to the GCRTF one member has landed a VP position at an entity and now is reportedly going to move from that position to President of the Executive Committee.   It is rumored that the vote for Dr. Page will be very close.  However, whether it is or not isn’t the question.  The question remains as to what other GCRTF members are in line to get a leading position at one of the other open entity positions.  With some leaders saying that Southern Baptist are “not concerned with the lost” it comes a little surprising that we are seeing these same leaders trying to position themselves for the upcoming “denominational servants” positions that are open.  Also, it seems a little disconcerting when we see people move from one denominational position to another.  I am praying and trusting our leaders that they are following God’s leading in this process.  However, one must admit it does call into question ones commitment to following God’s leading when one jumps from one place to another.  It also calls into question one’s commitment to following God’s leading when one serves on a visible committee and then is placed in the position the committee targeted for change.

2nd VP Brings out Small Church Interim

The following article is given to us from Tommy Fountain, Director of Missions of the Mulberry Baptist Association and also an Evangelist whose ministry is Fountain of Joy Ministries.  Brother Tommy believes strongly in Brother Ray Newman.  I personally have met him and will be casting my ballot for him.  Enjoy the article.

Why I am Nominating Ray Newman as Second Vice President of the SBC…

Rev. Ray Newman

I am absolutely ecstatic about nominating Ray Newman as the Second Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando, Florida.  Since I will only have three minutes during the nomination speech, I want to share with the readers the importance of electing Ray Newman as the Second Vice President, and why I am nominating him.

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Memorial Day Celebrations

There is a dear Brother in our church who is celebrating his birthday today.  I teased him at church on Sunday that the nation called a holiday to celebrate his birthday.  He laughed about it and we enjoyed some good ribbing at the Men’s Breakfast.  As I began to think on that incident I came to realize that we may take Memorial Day a little too much for granted.  As I enjoyed the final laps of the World 600 I realized that we would not enjoy these freedoms without the freedom that surrounded that NASCAR event.  Do you realize that at the beginning of each NASCAR race they have a prayer prayed by some local pastor.  As a matter of fact the Daytona 500 was opened in prayer by one of our own Southern Baptist Pastors, Dr. David Uth, of First Baptist Orlando.  At Sunday’s World 600 Dr. James Dobson delivered the opening prayer.  What a great freedom and it is celebrated without embarrassment.  Though some may not like this opening prayer, this freedom could not be celebrated without the sacrifice of our forefathers.

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