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Breaking News: Arlington Bible College Calls Ergun Caner as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

The Arlington Baptist College announced a number of new initiatives at the annual World Baptist Fellowship meeting at the Texas campus today. Upon the recommendation of President D.L. Moody, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to call Dr. Ergun Caner as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. Along with his administrative duties, Caner will […]

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SBC Today Blog Reactivated

The SBC Today blog will be reactivated in the next few days to provide a forum for we who identify ourselves as Baptists to dialogue about how best to fulfill God’s calling in our lives. We want to expand the pool of our regular participants. We would love to know the topics you would like […]

A Conference We Plan to Attend

Like most Pastors I have to choose carefully which conferences earn my time.  Some conferences are nothing more than a mere get together for a whoop and holler and go back pumped.  That pumped feeling wears off usually within a day of returning.  Why?  Most of the time something happens to burst your bubble when […]

Security of the Believer Series

In case you missed it I want to direct your attention to my friend Peter Lumpkins blog.  He began a six part series on the Security of the Believer that is entitled: Why Your Faith Is Secure. Of course Brother Peter is only re-posting this series that was originally authored by Dr. Steve Lemke, Provost […]

Dr. Johnny Hunt

Dr. Johnny Hunt is on a Leave of Absence until September 19, 2010.  The Executive Pastor, Rev. Jim Law, of FBC Woodstock made a statement on Sunday, August 8, 2010.  We here at SBC Today want to ask our readers to pray for Dr. Hunt and his wife Janet as requested by the leadership of […]