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The Anabaptists and Contemporary Baptists

By Dr. Malcolm Yarnell, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Director of the Center for Theological Research at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary “What do America’s leading Megachurch Pastor, a highly-esteemed Mennonite historian, and an icon of the Conservative Resurgence of the Southern Baptist Convention have in common?” At first the listener narrows his eyes, looking […]

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Defend the Faith Apologetics Conference at NOBTS

Defend the Faith Apologetics Conference at NOBTS If you have interest in Christian Apologetics, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary is offering a Defend the Faith School of Christian Apologetics Conference next week (January 8-13) that will whet your interest. The conference is sponsored by the Institute for Christian Apologetics at NOBTS. Defend the Faith is […]


To the Readers of SBC Today: As we end 2011 and begin 2012, the contributing editors of SBC Today want to express our thanks to you for your readership of SBC Today. Over the last year, SBC Today has increased from being an inactive blog to being consistently one of the Top 100 religion blogs in the English-speaking […]

Breaking News: Arlington Bible College Calls Ergun Caner as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

The Arlington Baptist College announced a number of new initiatives at the annual World Baptist Fellowship meeting at the Texas campus today. Upon the recommendation of President D.L. Moody, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to call Dr. Ergun Caner as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. Along with his administrative duties, Caner will […]

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SBC Today Blog Reactivated

The SBC Today blog will be reactivated in the next few days to provide a forum for we who identify ourselves as Baptists to dialogue about how best to fulfill God’s calling in our lives. We want to expand the pool of our regular participants. We would love to know the topics you would like […]