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USA Today on Religious Blogging

USA Today has done an article covering the topic of blogs in religious circles. I think the article was fair in describing the blog situation in the SBC. One notable exception is that we are not a counter blog to the Outpost. The idea for SBC Today was in discussion since March of this year. […]

From The Hill Is Back Up

Three months ago I took some time away from my blog, “From The Hill.” Today, I have restarted it. To save time and space, follow the previously given link to catch up on why I am opening it again.

Pray for the Rogers Family UPDATE

The mission of our site is to bring unity around theological distinctives that are historically Baptist. Prayer, while not distinctive to Baptists only, is a way that all people of the Christian faith come together for guidance and comfort from the Father. This is why we present the following request. Our brother and dear friend […]

Welcome to SBC Today

We must not abandon the things for which many of our Baptist forefathers lost their lives.