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Pray for the Rogers Family UPDATE

The mission of our site is to bring unity around theological distinctives that are historically Baptist. Prayer, while not distinctive to Baptists only, is a way that all people of the Christian faith come together for guidance and comfort from the Father. This is why we present the following request.

Our brother and dear friend in Christ, Tim Rogers, is at the hospital with his mom who is dealing with a blood clot in her lungs. We at SBC Today ask that all our readers lift Tim’s mom, his family, and Tim himself to the Lord in prayer.

Thanks and God Bless.


I just talked with Tim and they have moved his mother to ICU. She was on the heart floor, but it has gotten worse. What started out as a simple operation from a fall has turned into this. Tim asks to keep the prayers coming.

*****************UPDATE 11/3 @ 2:45 PM CDT****************

Tim’s mother is making remarkable progress. While doctors are stopping short of calling it miraculous, she certainly isn’t. There is still a clot, and they are still watching it, but with much more optimism than before. Tim is on his way home to preach tomorrow.

*********FINAL UPDATE 11/5**************

My mother is in a private room. She is doing well and beginning Physical Therapy on her hand. She went into the hospital with a fractured wrist which needed to be surgically repaired. She had several blood clots form in her pulmonary artery. She is now doing well. Please continue to pray as she recovers. Thank you all for the prayers you have voiced to our Father on behalf of my mother. God’s Grace has been experienced in a special way in the Rogers family.

Welcome to SBC Today

Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.

- Robert Frost

At SBC Today our prayer is that we are able to provide an outlet for that first group of people. We have witnessed the phenomenon known as blogging take over the internet. This phenomenon has extended itself into Baptist life in general and Southern Baptist life in particular. The ones that have formed this blog have been blogging for sometime now. We have surfed the various blogs and engaged in conversation just like everyone else.

Some in the SBC believe that blogging is not something pastors should be doing. With all due respect, we will humbly disagree, because our blogging activities have benefited us. We have met many whom we would not otherwise have met. We have engaged many, some in agreement and some in disagreement, and have walked away stronger in our beliefs and more resolute in our direction. At other times we walked away with a change of heart and a need to more thoroughly study our subject.

Our desire in beginning this collaborative effort was born out of conversations related to how best communicate our vision for the promotion of Baptist distinctives. Around the end of April, we had begun conversations about launching a collaborative blog that would accomplish the one overarching need we see in the Southern Baptist Convention today—unity. We believe the reason our convention is not united results from a lack of biblical discipleship and Baptist distinctives. Our observance of other blogs such as SBC Witness, and the new SBC Outpost, while illustrating some of the dangers involved in such an endeavor, also confirmed to us the genius of placing together like-minded people to better communicate what we want to say.

Our intention is to focus on biblical doctrines that are obviously Baptist. We must not abandon the things for which many of our Baptist forefathers lost their lives. Neither must we focus on one distinctive above another for the sake of inclusion of some that do not hold dear the other distinctives that have made us Baptist.

Allow me to end this welcome post by relating a story from my past. When I was in my early 20’s there was a restaurant in the town where I grew up that served some of the best breakfasts in the world. On Saturdays I would meet at that establishment with a group of older men, some very much older, to discuss the events of the world and any other item that came across the table. This would begin about 5:30 am, when the restaurant opened, and end around 9:00am. By the time we left, we were much more informed for having been there.

We want SBC Today to be like that restaurant. We’ll talk about what’s going on in the convention today. We’ll see what some of our best thinkers and leaders have to say about these foundational issues. We’ll discuss. We’ll agree. We’ll disagree. And we’ll do it all in a spirit of love and Christian brotherhood.

Therefore, if you have come to involve yourself in a fight, we will not oblige you. You can certainly find that some place else. If you desire to debate, we will engage you and we will vigorously defend our position, as we expect the same from you. We certainly will not agree on all points. However, we desire that our disagreements do not become contentious and digress into ad hominem arguments. If you desire to belittle and make fun of ideas and people, we certainly will not allow that to happen. Enjoy your time with us and comment often. If you like this site feel free to link to us and make full use of the RSS feed.

We will begin posting material on Monday, September 10. Our prayer is that we can be a blessing to those that visit and we can be used by God to further His Kindgom.