Born Guilty? An Interview With Dr. Adam Harwood | Part Two

September 11, 2015

by Dr. Adam Harwood

Dr. Adam Harwood is: Associate Professor of Theology (occupying the McFarland Chair of Theology), Director of the Baptist Center for Theology & Ministry, and Editor of the Journal for Baptist Theology & Ministry at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary 

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Recently, I spoke with Leighton Flowers by phone for an interview for his podcastSoteriology 101. Our discussion primarily addressed original sin, drawing from my writings on the topic (this book, this booklet, this article, and this essay). We touched on issues such as: Romans 5:12-21, imputed righteousness, semi-Pelagianism, the “Traditional” Statement, and the possible dilemma caused by the existence of multiple confessions at Southern Baptist seminaries.

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