Beware of the Disney Channel

January 29, 2014

by Hariette Petersen
(Hariette blogs, HERE.)

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The Disney Channel is no longer fit for children to view.
I can no longer trust Disney at all. If they do it once, they’ll do it again and again and again. I fully expect they are not far from producing an animated movie with a princess meets princess and prince meets prince where they kiss and everyone lives happily every after. Everyone but me.

When my granddaughters wanted to watch Good Luck Charlie, I sat and watched it with them. It was (and I do mean “was”) another one of those shows I could sit through and point out moral values. I could also address how selfish, insecure and self-centered the mother, Amy, was in the show — how she is always upstaging her children. She is made to seem lovable and quite comical with how she interferes, but it’s plain to me that she wants what she wants and is going to show her kids up in every situation possible. In one episode, she tries to steal her toddler’s artwork and use it as her own. The show gives a demeaning view of women in general, and I do hope my granddaughters do not grow up to be anything like her. HOWEVER…

That’s not the issue that broke the proverbial camel’s back for eliminating this show and every other Disney show from my television viewing. NOPE.

I could use her shenanigans to point to the better characteristics of my granddaughters’ own family units and how their mother was sacrificial and nothing like Charlie’s mom. Her kids are always getting into one silly predicament after another; but in the end, they work things out in ways that show a better way of doing “life” in general. That is, until now.

Enter the lesbians.
“This particular storyline was developed under the consultancy of child development experts and community advisors,” a spokesperson for Disney Channel said when the casting was first announced in June 2013. “Like all Disney Channel programming, it was developed to be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness.” click HERE to read more of this report.

Yeah. Disney has decided it is “relevant” to introduce the two lesbian women to the show to force-feed their view of “inclusiveness and diversity.” Thus, it is quite clear to me that Disney no longer wants my granddaughters to view their channel with Good Luck Charlieor any other show. If they feel it is their responsibility to force-feed that trash and perversion down my throat in their shows, then my only recourse is to boycott all Disney programming. No more movies. No more television channel. I will henceforth be playing cards with my grandchildren when they come over.  We’ll go back to jigsaw puzzles, Monopoly, Candyland and matchgames. We’ll do pick-up sticks, Yahtzee and Scrabble. We’ll bake cookies and pies and cupcakes. And I’ll be reading Little House on the Prairie, as well as watching the reruns of the shows.

Disney and other shows seek to infiltrate our lives with their constant barrage of shows and unacceptable perversions. While only 9 percent of the country is supposedly homosexual and lesbian, our entire country is suppose to not only bake them wedding cakes and tolerate their behavior — we are to accept it as normal and pure. It is not. It is not normal. It is not natural. It is not pure. It is against all things holy, and as long as I have breath, I will state the biblical view of that as well as the biblical view of fornication and adultery and every other sin that God directs us to repent of and turn away from. I will do whatever I can do to protect my grandchildren from seeing the perversion of society as normal. I will not subject myself to the promotion of all things of God as evil or intolerant.

I don’t watch filthy awards shows, nor do I condone sexually driven commercials. I no longer eat at Burger King or Carl’s Jr. I dropped my Go-Daddy domain names. I refuse to watch shows that write in political views that denounce all things conservative or Christian; so, bye-bye Law and Order and Chicago Fire.

I am constantly turning off the television set — or switching the channel — it’s ridiculous. I rarely go to a movie. Even Saving Mr. Banks failed to draw me to the box office. Why? Because one of the most liberal-supportive actors in Hollywood was the star of that show — Tom Hanks. I won’t give him another dime to push his liberal agendas down my throat by donating to his political party. I know I’m nobody in the scheme of things. I know my 9 bucks means nothing to their billions. But I will not bow down to Baal. That is what I do every single time I watch a movie or listen to a song any of these people produce. I’m done. So, Good Luck Charlie and Disney, I’m through with you.


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God bless you, Hariett! More of us need to stand up against this perversion and if enough of us do, then our collective $9 will be an impact, but even if it is not, we can stand with clear consciences before our God. That is what matters! And we can impact our loved ones with the biblical worldview that they will get no where else.

    hariette petersen

    Thanks Richard… it doesn’t stop, either. Disney will be sponsoring and hosting a Gay Family Outfest week in Disney the first week of July, too. they intend to force people to accept this lifestyle… and the courts are here to enforce that we accept it… and approve of it… or we will lose businesses and Lord knows what else. Praying without ceasing.


    Not only do I totally agree, I myself do the exact same thing. I will not watch ANYTHING that depicts immoral, ungodly, perversions that seem to be all over TV and at the movies. I also BOYCOTT any and all products that pay to have these programs on TV. I realize I’m just one person also, but I have decided that if more like me decided also to throw their dollars elsewhere, it might make a dent at some point. I have a granddaughter who lives with me, and she used to watch Charlie on Disney; but after reading that this week I’ve told her no more, and no more Disney. Like you, we’ve also begun a campaign to play games and cards at our house. We also look things up on the Internet, such as shows and programming about animals, the world and of course, the Lord.

    My poor husband, who generally approves of what I decide on these things, has had somewhat of a hard time with a few — such as my refusal to let him buy anything that Johnny Depp or Susan Sarandon has done due to their bashing of America and our way of life. It has gotten so bad on TV that pretty much all I watch right now is the news and a few select shows. It certainly gives me more time in the pursuit of more worthwhile things to do. My granddaughter has become an avid vegetable gardener along side me, among other things.

    Mainly, I just want you to know that I am sure there are MILLIONS more moms and grandmothers like yourself out here. A lot of them may not be vocal, but we are here and are doing our parts the best we can with what we have. God bless, and hang in there.

      hariette petersen

      Jolene, you are such a blessing. It is so encouraging to hear you say this. sometimes we do feel all alone out here when we see such things going on in the world and wonder how we can dispel the evil influences of culture and society. It’s even harder as a grandmother sometimes. But am so grateful you’re teaching your granddaughter gardening. I try to do crafts with mine and paint, too. These things we do WITH our kiddos will be unmatched by any other influence in the world. And of course, prayer is a key factor in watering the seeds we plant. Thanks for commenting. God bless your efforts and your family. hariette


Come out of her my people. Do not be conformed to the world.


Amen! Thank goodness they still show reruns of Andy Griffith and Gunsmoke—otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth it to even own a television. Keep standing strong fellow Believers!


It’s only going to get worse. ABC Family which is owned by Disney/ABC Networks has so many shows with lesbian and gay couples (but mostly lesbian). There’s even a new show called The Fosters about a lesbian couple who adopt a bunch of foster children. They’ve made it the norm now. What marvels me is how quickly this all has happened. I graduated from high school a decade ago and so much of what we see in the media and in the current mindset regarding Gays and Lesbians was pretty much nonexistent back then even among my age group and young adults. I even read about how a long row of gay and straight couples were “married” at the grammy’s but of course the focus was on the gay couples. The fact that it occurred at the grammys (the music industry is so demonic and are more open with the evidence now) is more obvious proof who is truly orchestrating the recent push to market the LGBTQ lifestyle from a HUMANISTIC standpoint.

No matter what as King David said, “The battle is The Lord’s!”


Thanks for your article. We do not have cable (our choice) because of all the filthy shows. We are able to get in a few local channels. I haven’t watched much TV and was shocked to see a preview of a commercial for the Super Bowl. It’s good to be shocked. We don’t want to become desensitized as if this is normal. The bible has a lot to say about sexual sins. I’ve done a study on these scriptures. It helps me to see what God says. It’s also a sign of the end times. Stay close to Jesus and the Word of God. So very very important in these days. Carol.


I have cable but not for much longer. Most of the stuff is not worth watching and even the Christian stations are now broadcasting garbage not to be believed. I mostly am on internet and listening to very few programs on tv. I only listen to a Christian radio station only because I don’t wish to hear secular music anymore. Pray for all, cause Christ is at the door.

    hariette petersen

    Good for you, Dee. Those are some great ideas. hard for many to do, but those that do, find peace in the process. God bless your desire to live faithfully. hariette


I feel the same way I am tired of having things crammed down our throats. The Modern Family is another I get sick just seeing the previews for that show. However if I am not mistaken Good Bye Charlie is not being renewed so maybe we have a small victory.

    hariette petersen

    Hi Kathy, yes.. from what I understand Good Luck Charlie is going off the air and this lesbian thing was the going out with a bang kind of thing. My main concern with their “introduction” of the lesbians was that they want to test the waters and this will be the beginning of more of the same on children’s programs. And unless we have watchdogs, they’ll be sliding this in on other shows. With some legislators trying to get cyber-bullying put into law, there will come a day, mark my words, when we won’t be allowed free speech like this post to even address the situation. I can’t stand Modern Family either. Never watched an episode. Same with Will & Grace… and other sitcoms. Almost all are filled with the innuendos we all need to avoid. What we fill our heads with will come out our mouths. So disheartening at times. But faith and resting in HIM carries us onward and upward. God bless and keep shining. hariette

Lula Berry

Agree wholeheartedly with your message and the comments above. I heard a speaker say once that our (including Christians) tolerance of the things we consider unacceptable and/or wrong has led us to the position in which we find ourselves today. And I am as guilty as anyone else for not speaking out when I disagree with words/actions of others. Some seem to think that the Bible does not apply to modern-thinking people in the current time. I pray for God’s blessing on Christians everywhere and trust that this must be part of His plan.

    hariette petersen

    Hello, Lula,
    thanks for your affirmation. Tolerance has become a buzz-word for end runs around truth and adherence to morality. Progressives sought to move into our lives with all that opposes God when they first fought to take prayer out of schools, then The Ten Commandments. Though all laws of this land were founded upon God’s Word, they have slowly chipped away at the power of those laws by judicial malpractice.
    God sent His Son to die for those who rebel against His holiness and righteousness. He loved the world that much. And when Christians speak the truth regarding God’s Word, they are no more hating others than Jesus was in dying for their sin. We come out of the world by abstaining from those things which are ungodly… we are of the world by ministering to these people and still praying for their needs and salvation. May God convict them of their need for Him. Only He can change their hearts. We share our faith to hopefully influence minds or direct them to the ONE who can give them new minds and hearts. Sometimes it just seems efforts are futile which is why I work on what I can do personally and speak out and then let God deal with the rest.
    I found this comment from a fella (Martin Mix) on facebook to be rather appropriate in this instance on tolerance:

    “One thing that is lost in all this is that tolerance does not mean embracing acceptance. We tolerate all sorts of people and behaviors we don’t necessarily agree with. Yet it seems that at times people asking for tolerance and not satisfied until they are met with embracing acceptance and they will tolerate nothing less. I want to live in a country where we all tolerate one another’s beliefs and actions so long as they do not infringe on one another’s freedoms.”

    I think he’s got this nailed. thanks for logging on and sharing your heart. hariette

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