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A Pastor’s Prayer & Devotional Life / Brad Whitt

Brad Whitt

Dr. Brad Whitt — pastor, Abilene Baptist Church, Augusta, Ga. — notes the importance of a pastor’s prayer and devotional life in this week’s “Mondays are for Ministry” video. Get a 4-minute glimpse into this vital part of Pastor Whitt’s life, and leave with a vision of your own for spending time with God both in His Word and in prayer.

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Submitted by Dr. Brad Whitt, pastor
Abilene Baptist ChurchAugusta, Ga

Yesterday, I went to preach knowing that I didn’t feel well. I’d been fighting a cold for several days, but knew that it was definitely getting worse. I was starting to cough more and grow weak. (I made note of it from the pulpit and explained that I wouldn’t be shaking any hands that morning because I didn’t want to take a chance on making anybody sick.)

I preached the first service and my iPad had a “hiccup” about half way through the message. Thankfully, our A/V guys had put a paper copy of my message in the pulpit like I had asked them one time nearly two years ago.

There were a few folks who came to pray at the altar, but no other decisions. I rested during the Sunday School hour, but was definitely feeling worse. I started preaching the second hour, and I could tell that my voice was getting even more hoarse. Oh, and my iPad crashed again. But, when the invitation was extended, three people prayed to trust Christ and three more came to join the church. His strength was definitely made perfect through my weakness.

Mondays are for Ministry / Brad Whitt

Brad Whitt

by Dr. Brad Whitt, pastor
FBC, Augusta, Ga.

This week I’m excited to begin a ten-part series of videos entitled, “Foundations: A Pastor’s Life.” This interview, conducted by Josh Saefkow, was recorded in the fall of 2013 to help give some personal insights into a pastor’s life and to answer some of the “hot button” topics of today. I pray that these videos encourage, edify and equip you to better serve and minister in your own context.

Click HERE for a 5-minute video detailing how Pastor Whitt came to know the Lord as his savior.

The Promise of Christmas, Gen. 3.15

Brad Whitt

by Dr. Brad Whitt, pastor
Abilene Baptist Church
Augusta, Ga.
(adapted sermon)

When we open the pages of our Bible, we encounter what many Christians refer to as “the book of beginnings.” And in Genesis 3:15 I believe that we discover one of the greatest Christmas verses in the entire Bible.

The book of Genesis is, of course, the book of “firsts.”  Here we find the first day, the first planet, the first plant, the first ocean, the first mountain, the first animal, the first fish, the first bird, the first man, the first woman, and even the first promise ever given in the Word of God. 

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SBC 2012 – Looking Forward In the Rearview Mirror

Note: SBC Today will be posting the reflections of some Baptists on the SBC 2012 in New Orleans. These reflections are by Brad Whitt, Co-Pastor of Abilene Baptist Church in Martinez, GA

As I look through the window of my early morning flight out of New Orleans, I can see the Crescent City slowly pass out of sight. I have to admit it – I love New Orleans. I always have. Some of my fondest memories as a pastor have been times spent with other Southern Baptist pastors and laypeople in this town. My first convention as a pastor was here. The first convention that I was able to bring my wife to was New Orleans.  I have made many friends and spent several late nights around tables listening to my “heroes” talk of the early days of the Conservative Resurgence, and what it was like after we won “the Battle for the Bible.”

However, as I leave New Orleans I can’t help but feel a bit conflicted. I have a sense of excitement mixed with what can best be described as a sense of foreboding. There is something in my spirit that tells me that in spite of the election of my friend, Dr. Fred Luter, all is increasingly not well in my beloved convention.

Don’t misunderstand, I am very encouraged by the election of Dr. Luter. I’ve known him since I was a preacher boy and have been blessed by his preaching and committed Christian leadership in the face of tremendous trials. I’ve been challenged by the consistent ministry he has to young men in his church and believe that he will be a strong, stable leader for our denomination.

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