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Tomorrow, Dr. Eric Hankins blogs for SBCToday in a post titled: “Jason Allen and The Gospel Project.

Excerpt: “Because Dr. Allen is a fairly unknown commodity, I read his dissertation and found it to be a very relevant piece of scholarship for the present hour in the life of our Southern Baptist Convention.”


Dr. David Allen Reponds


Dr. David Allen answers commenters’ questions pertaining to his “Review & Critique” of Whomever He Wills .

Do All Paths Lead to God?

by Dr. Adam Harwood
Assistant Professor of Christian Studies
Truett-McConnell College

Ed’s. note: This column first appeared in the Sept. 20, 2012 edition of The Christian Index, a publication of the Georgia Baptist Convention.

Recently, I was on a plane from Atlanta to Dallas-Fort Worth. Next to me was a middle-aged man. We spoke about his work, his family, and his weekly commute. I noticed he was reading from a journal with notes in another language. I learned that it was his handwritten Hindu prayer journal. Sensing a perfect opportunity to talk about spiritual issues, I asked him about the content of his journal. To which of the millions of Hindu gods does he pray? How can he know if his prayers are heard? What if he steps into eternity and discovers that Jesus was correct about everything He ever said?

As he spoke about Hinduism, my new friend made this statement which has been voiced countless times: “I think all paths lead to God.” He thinks every person who is sincere, whether Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or Christian, is on a religious path which will eventually lead to God. He thinks all religions lead to God.

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The Gospel Project:
A Birdseye View from the Blue Ridge Mountains

By Emir Caner

Most of us in our forties – what I call the Seinfeld Generation – remember the old Southern Baptist literature, much of which was shallower than an oasis in the midst of the Mohave Desert.  The study was topical and usually began and ended with the question, “What does that passage mean to me.”  For years we have longed for a curriculum that gave an in-depth, exegetical study of Scriptural passages that expounded authorial intent while also attaching a personal and contemporary application.  We were tired of the scratch-n-sniff study strategy that had long defined much of Sunday School curriculum inside and outside our Convention.

When The Gospel Project was announced, many in my limited circle, including local pastors and trustees of Truett-McConnell College, began studying the material and giving positive reviews of the lessons.  And there is much to be commended.  It is quite refreshing to see quotes from theological giants like Martin Luther, the great Reformer who proclaimed once again, “The just shall live by faith.”  Early Church Fathers are quoted repeatedly, something that makes this church historian very pleased.  While these men are not known by many, they should be. Important theological questions engage the mind of the reader such as, “What about those who have never heard the Gospel?”

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The Gospel Project:
A Birdseye View from the Blue Ridge Mountains

By Emir Caner

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