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My Thanksgiving Story


 by Walker Moore, Founder/President
AweStar Ministries

This year, I have so much to be thankful for. We have a tradition at our house where everyone at the table shares something they’re thankful for this year. When my sons were younger, they hated this tradition, but I hope it will be something they do with their families after I’m long gone.

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No formulaic prayer, alone, brings salvation


“… no formulaic prayer alone brings salvation. The key is what is in the heart at the time, regardless of the specific words.”

Amen! I purchased a gem of an old book at a yard sale earlier this year for 25-cents: “What Baptists Believe.” Compiled by O.C.S. Wallace, this book was published by the SBC Sunday School Board (1934) to be used in the Training Course for Sunday School Workers. The following text puts the sinner’s prayer into proper perspective I think:

“In the use of means, God’s purpose of grace meets the free-acting human soul. He does not use force. He does not use magic; the idea that … the recitation of certain words and the performance of certain rites, can save a soul, is contrary to the teachings of the Word of God. Salvation comes to the soul that comes to salvation. Forgiving Saviour and penitent sinner meet.”

I love those last two lines. Best quarter I’ve ever spent! I would encourage LifeWay to republish it!


Ed’s. Note: SBCToday commenter “Max” posted and penned the above comments as a response on another thread. We found Max’s words to be valuable and important, obviously, and wanted to highlight his observations.

Seven Lessons from the Cross


by Walker Moore, Founder/President
AweStar Ministries

I attended the 107th Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Annual Meeting. I’ve been a Baptist all my life and have often attended these meetings. I’m never sure what we’re meeting about, but the singing is good and you get a couple of good sermons to take home. My church members always knew when I’d been to one of these conferences because my preaching improved greatly, at least for a few weeks.

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Christ-centered by convention or conviction?


by Johnathan Pritchett
Graduate Student, Biola University
SBCToday contributing writer

The buzz phrase “Christ-centered” is all the rage these days. This is especially true with regard to preaching. We often hear it asked, “Is your preaching Christ-centered?” I tend to wince when I hear that. Even the most outspoken people talking about being “Christ-centered” have cheapened the phrase to the point where wincing is about the only option left. I know that sounds bad, but it really can’t be helped. It is like how everyone claims their theological position, on just about every theological issue, is “biblical.” But I will set that one aside for another time perhaps, or not.

Here are a couple of reasons why I tend to wince at hearing someone bloviate about being “Christ-centered” in preaching, or whatever.

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Altar Call: Revival yields 17 professions

Now it's your turn to tell the world what God is doing in your church.








J. Ben Simpson, pastor
West Main BC
Alexandria, Tenn.

On Monday, November 4, I shared in an Altar Call Report how even before our “official” revival began, the Lord had already saved three people in our preparation for revival. I then commented that we believed these three were just the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, that’s exactly what they were.

During our week of revival, consisting of seven services, we saw the Lord save 14 people and call two other Christians to a renewed walk with Jesus. Including those that were saved leading up to revival, altogether we have seen 17 saved, and we believe there will be more to come in the weeks following our revival.

We baptized one on Sunday, November 3. On Thursday night, November 7, during our revival, we baptized two more of them and plan to baptize three more Sunday, November 10. I can’t wait until all 17 publicly profess their faith in Christ through baptism. Praise the Lord for His grace.