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Podcasting Tonight

It’s been an eventful day at the Southern Baptist Convention, and folks are sharing their thoughts with one another in hotel lobbies and convention center hallways across Orlando. The SBC Today team will be recording a podcast episode tonight in the lobby of the Residence Inn on Universal Boulevard in Orlando. We’ll be sharing reflections on the events of the day, and on the future of our convention.

If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by and join us. If you’d like more info, comment here and we’ll get back to you.


Alright, let’s talk about Orlando just a little bit. There are some very important things that need to be discussed. Answer these questions on the comment thread.

1. Are you going?

2. Who are you voting for President of the SBC?

3. Are you going to vote fer, or agin, the Great Commission Report?

4. Do you know of any good restaurants near the place we’re meeting?

5. Will there be any vendors inside the convention center? Ice Cream vendors? Coffee vendors?

6. Will anyone be going to the beach? And, if so, will you put any oil on your body, or just wait until you get into the water to be oiled up?

7. How many stupid, moronic motions, resolutions, and comments will be made this year?

8. Will the Westboro Gang be there to protest us again?

9. Will the gay crowd be there to protest us again?

10. Will Wes Kenney have a hair out of place?

11. Will Tim Rogers wear a pink shirt?

12. Will Scott Gordon laugh?

13. How many of the Pastors over 60 will not wear a suit and tie?

Well, if you can thnk of any more questions that really need to be asked and answered, please add those in the comment thread. I’m looking forward to your answers.

Old Preachers Never Die (Update)

That was the title of Dr. Jerry Vines last sermon at FBC Jacksonville.  As he walked out the back door of that grand sanctuary you can still hear him saying, “old preachers never die”. (I must have been dreaming and that is what I get for relying on my memory.  Just received word from both Dr. Vines and his son Jon, “Old Preachers Never Die” was not his last message at FBC Jax.  It was “Glimpses of Glory”.  Sorry for the mix-up and I will be more careful not to rely on my memory.) Dr. Vines has been our retired Southern Baptist Statesman that most seem to treat as an uncle.  Some treat him as a beloved uncle.  They only desire him around when they need to present a loving attitude.  While others treat him as the crazy uncle that was locked away in the attic.  Their attention is directed toward him when his chain rattling upsets the guest. Dr. Vines has worked tirelessly and cooperatively trying to give advice when asked and calling our convention leaders to accountability when they began down a different route.  His style is one of graciousness and integrity.  His heart is for the lost and his desire for Southern Baptist to win them was seen as he was one that placed his ministry on the line to see the convention turned back to an inerrant Scripture that would bring about sound doctrine to our entities.  He has taken the hits and he has endured the unkind words and disrespect.  It was in the 2006 convention that someone yelled something disrespectful of him and it surprised many that witnessed it.  However, to my knowledge, Dr. Vines has never spoken a word about it.

I have been praying for sometime that we would see someone step forward and call the convention back to a balanced approach.  I have a post I wanted to place here today concerning more of my thoughts about the GCRTF.  However, after reading Dr. Vines article I feel our readers would benefit greatly from his thoughts today on balance.  It seems that we have seen the pendulum swing full force from the side of cooperation to the side of independence.  Well, the time has come to call our attention to the swinging of the pendulum.  This call comes from none other than Dr. Jerry Vines as he calls us to balance.  His latest blog article is copied in its entirety below.  You can link to his latest blog Blessed Are the Balanced. I encourage you to go over and speak a word of encouragement to him.  I believe he has stated it well and I pray that others will step forward to speak words of wisdom to our convention.

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I’ve Read. I’ve Watched. I’ve Discussed. Now…(Parenthetical Note)

[UPDATE:  As of June 2 we have the answer of the Task Force. They are bringing the seven recommendations as a unified whole...Well, looks like I'll be supporting a motion (maybe even bringing the motion) to divide the recommendations. :-) ]

Continuing, “sorta,” my response to the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Final Report (GCRTFFR)…

Today I came across an excellent post by Dr. Bart Barber discussing his perspective on the GCRTFFR. It would appear he’s been reading my mind (maybe that’s one of the benefits of being part of the Baptist Identity ‘collective’).  I certainly find myself agreeing with his assessment of the situation.  I wholeheartedly recommend you peruse his post thoughtfully.

As I continue reading, thinking, and discussing, I am once again brought to a question for which I have neither read nor heard an answer thus far.  My question?  Just how will the recommendations from the GCRTFFR be presented to the messengers from the churches when we meet in Orlando?

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What Happened to the Church being a Covenant Community?

I would like to thank SBCToday for allowing me to guest blog on the topic of Church Covenants.  I miss the daily interaction and fellowship with these guys so allowing me to post is a tremendous blessing.  The piece below is actually part of an article I will include in a church newsletter.  Whether you agree or disagree, I hope that you all are in some way blessed after reading it.

What is a church covenant?  A church covenant is a commitment to God among fellow brothers and sisters as to how they will conduct themselves under the Lordship of Christ in their mutual relationship as fellow members of a New Testament church.  Baptist churches have used covenants since their beginning.  As one Baptist historian stated, “[Baptists] have written and used hundreds and perhaps thousands of church covenants” (Charles Deweese). But why were church covenants used by our Baptist forefathers and are seldom used today?

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