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Pre-SBC Bible Conference, Southview Baptist Church


Southview Baptist Church Pastors Steve Brumbelow and Kyle Gulledge invite you to attend an outstanding Bible conference June 7-9 prior to the Southern Baptist Convention in Houston.

Come hear: Paige Patterson, Jerry Vines, Phil Hoskins, Bill Harrell, Jeff Schreve and Malcolm Ellis.

Southview Baptist Church in Rosharon, Texas, is located on Hwy 288, south of Houston, and one mile south of Hwy. 6.

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Responsive Readings

By Walker Moore

I grew up in a small country church. When our family first started attending this church, it had one large room called the sanctuary. The seats were long wooden pews that bent like a horseshoe as they went from one side to the other.

Directly below the sanctuary was the basement. Most of our Sunday Schools, RAs, GAs, Training Union classes, Vacation Bible Schools and golden wedding anniversary celebrations took place in the basement. I don’t know why, but from my observations (which have been many), Baptists have some of the dampest, dankest-smelling basements of any denomination.

I should know. I went out with a girl who attended the Methodist Church. She took me to their basement, and it was a lot nicer than ours. When I shared that with my parents, they mumbled something about how Baptists gave our money to the Cooperative Program.

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Patterson’s points persuade toward unity and amity

by Dr. James Willingham

Southwestern Seminary president, Dr. Paige Patterson, made two points in a blog post a few months ago on Election* that could yield spectacular results.

His post, and specifically points 7 and 8, I think could end the Calvinist/Traditionalist bickering, could lead to implementing another move like Jonathan Edwards’ Humble Attempt in a worthwhile prayer effort, and could result in the Third Great Awakening.

In Patterson’s Eight Theses on Election, points 7 and 8 light the way.

Point 7 involves humility while point 8 evokes this question: “Why is the doctrine of Election in the Bible?”

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Further Reflections on Theological Triage


by a Baptist Theologian(Comments on this post are closed temporarily. I you have further questions or comments, please email them to SBCToday.)

Today, I read yet another presentation of the Calvinist attempt, popularized in SBC circles by Al Mohler, to define fellowship by three levels of doctrine. Again, I left the little essay impressed at the tightness and tidiness of the system yet distressed at its utter unworkableness and narrowness.Who decides what doctrines are necessary to be accepted as a Christian? On the basis of what revelation was the system constructed? On the basis of what texts were the necessary doctrines decided? Could it be that there are those who may affirm the necessary doctrines, yet they are not really saved? Is a human saved by systematic theology, or by grace through faith in the risen Lord, the Son of God? Can Calvinists really claim that Calvinism is countenanced at best in the Baptist Faith and Message?

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The TULIP’s Petals and Sepals, part 5

by Ronnie Rogers

Perseverance of the Saints: This includes both preservation by God and perseverance by the saints. The Westminster Confession says, with regard to the truly elect, they “can neither totally nor finally fall away from the state of Grace.”[i] J.P. Boyce notes in his Abstract of Systematic Theology, “It is not merely preservation by God, but also perseverance of the believer, in faith and holiness, unto the end.”[ii] Within Calvinism, God’s preservation of the truly elect is standard, while there is variation in understanding of how eternal security, internal and external assurances, and warning passages of the Scripture relate to knowing one is elect in this life.

This petal is not a simple affirmation of the eternal security of the believer. Since there does seem to be such acceptable variance in defining perseverance of the saints as long as one does not question the security of the truly elect, this point does not seem to be as biblically problematic as the other four petals—a point with which some disagree.

Therefore, if a person believes the Scripture teaches the following, he cannot be a Calvinist: anyone who hears the gospel can accept the gospel by faith and thereby become eternally secure in the safe-keeping of God; those so saved do demonstrate evidence of such. As well as believing the Scripture does not teach the other calvinistically defined petals of the tulip. These truths are embraced in other biblical approaches but not in Calvinism.

Ronnie is senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Okla., and is the author of  “Reflections of a Disenchanted Calvinist.”

[i] Westminster Confession 17. 1.

[ii] James Petigru Boyce, Abstract of Systematic Theology, (reprinted by the den Dulk Christian Foundation, Escondido, CA, 1887), 431-432.