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Interpreters for God


By Walker Moore

As a missionary, I’ve spent half my life using interpreters. One time in China, I had to wait for my words to go through five different dialects before I could continue. I’d say, “Hello” and hear an echo five times in five different tones and sounds. I got so caught up listening to my translators that I forgot my turn. I wondered why all five of them were leaning forward and staring at me. All of a sudden, I realized they were waiting for my next sentence.

Some people have a hard time learning to use an interpreter, but it came naturally to me. In case you ever find yourself in that situation, here are some tips:

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Surprises in seminary point to our purpose

BobRogers2011-400Holy Humor
by Dr. Bob Rogers

When I went to seminary to train to be a pastor, I was met with several surprises.

I think I expected all of the students to look like monks or something. Instead, I saw students who were tall and skinny, and some who were short and fat. I saw guys running around in t-shirts throwing footballs, and I saw egg-heads with wire-rimmed glasses carrying briefcases. Suddenly, it was as if God spoke to me and said, “Bob, I’ve got a great variety of churches out there, and I have called all of these different people to serve my different churches.”

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Practical Applications of Romans 9

johnathan_pritchettBy Johnathan Pritchett

Romans 9 is hardly preached in SBC churches, even in Reformed SBC churches. The problem is that most pastors simply don’t know what to do with it other than explain it in light of current debates between Calvinists and non-Calvinists, Traditionalists, and Arminians. Every so often, a Southern Baptist exposition of the chapter will turn up on the internet somewhere, regardless of the theological perspective, but one will always find it taught regarding what it does or doesn’t say in contrast to some opposing view of what a theological opponent insists it says, or doesn’t say, whatever the case may be.

Yawn…On that note, in the interest of making a personal disclaimer, there are two things I am convinced of regarding this passage. The first is that the mainstream Calvinist interpretations are unconvincing in my opinion. The second is that any non-Calvinist interpretation, many of which I will admit I find more convincing than Calvinist alternatives, does not negate Calvinism. The entire exegetical case made by non-Calvinists regarding this chapter is even accepted by some Calvinists, but the point is made that exegeting this passage as election to service, pertaining to corporate or national interests, etc. does not in and of itself overturn Calvinist theology. I agree with this point as well. Contrary to popular opinion on all sides regarding any text, no school of thought, or system of theology, hangs or falls with one passage of Scripture.

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by Brian Robertson, Ph.D.
Pastor,  First Baptist Church Kenton, Tenn.

I attended a Southern Baptist church nine months before I was born. I come from, if you will, a “minister’s family,” as my father is retired from a Southern Baptist entity; my grandfather was a Minister of Education; and my uncle has been an IMB missionary more than 35 years. Both my parents were not only “saved,” but they have lived their lives as true, yet, imperfect, examples of born-again believers.

Through experiences in life, I have had the privilege to observe several thousand churches, listen to numerous pastors, worship in practically every style available, dialog with brothers and sisters in Christ, and read countless books on the church. As a pastor, I have served four churches, three of which were seminary pastorates, and have a Master’s, and Ph.D. from a Southern Baptist seminary in evangelism.

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The Greatest Gift

By Walker Moore

Walker Moore founded AweStar Ministries, a missions organization that has put thousands of teens on fields ‘white unto harvest’ around the world.


The older my children get, the harder it is for me to buy them Christmas presents. Not only do their ages make my shopping more difficult, but I’m at the place in life where I don’t like fighting the crowds. The three wise men followed a star. But I find myself sitting in my car, waiting for someone to come out of the mall so I can follow them to their parking spot.

When my children were young, almost anything you could purchase at a dollar store would bring them great joy. By the time they were in elementary school, I had to keep up with the latest commercials, the source of their Christmas wish lists. Now that they’re grown, I don’t have a clue what they want. If they need or desire it, they can buy it themselves.

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