Altar Call: Revival yields 17 professions

November 9, 2013








J. Ben Simpson, pastor
West Main BC
Alexandria, Tenn.

On Monday, November 4, I shared in an Altar Call Report how even before our “official” revival began, the Lord had already saved three people in our preparation for revival. I then commented that we believed these three were just the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, that’s exactly what they were.

During our week of revival, consisting of seven services, we saw the Lord save 14 people and call two other Christians to a renewed walk with Jesus. Including those that were saved leading up to revival, altogether we have seen 17 saved, and we believe there will be more to come in the weeks following our revival.

We baptized one on Sunday, November 3. On Thursday night, November 7, during our revival, we baptized two more of them and plan to baptize three more Sunday, November 10. I can’t wait until all 17 publicly profess their faith in Christ through baptism. Praise the Lord for His grace.