Almost 600 professions from intentional evangelism

November 14, 2013

by Norm Miller
SBCToday editor/moderator

In the summer of 2010, God burdened the heart of Pastor Charles Stewart about two matters: the Great Commission and Cana Baptist Church’s implementation of it.

In February 2011, Stewart launched Cana’s “Shattering the Darkness” campaign while preaching an evangelistic message from 1 Corinthians 9:22-23; Acts 1:8-9; and Mark 16:15-16 which was based on LifeWay’s Transformational Church program.

Now nearing the end of 2013, the Burleson church also is nearing 600 professions of faith and has logged more than 100 baptisms.

“The Lord burdened me to lead Cana members to trust him for one soul led to Jesus each week by a church member,” Stewart told the TEXAN. “Frankly, I was uncomfortable in going out on this limb because I believed God wanted the evangelistic effort to be led by the Spirit, not the flesh. God wanted Cana people sharing Christ out of love for the Lord and compassion for the lost, not out of a legalistic fear or loyalty to the pastor.”


(Ed’s. note: A Tweet like the title of this article was interesting, to say the least, and that led to this story. Pastor Stewart was initially reticent to be interviewed because he did not want to “touch the ark,” as he put it, meaning that he wanted not the least of human credit for this move of God in the church he pastors.
Nonetheless, I am glad Pastor Stewart relented because Cana’s story moved me, and I trust it will move all its readers to see what God will do when a church is properly trained and motivated to “Go ye therefore” and make disciples.)

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