A Grandmother Agrees: Beware of Disney

January 30, 2014

The comment below came in response to the post yesterday, “Beware of the Disney Channel.”
The content of the comments was so inspiring that, SBCToday believes it warrants as much exposure as possible.


by “Grandma Jo”

Not only do I totally agree, I myself do the exact same thing. I will not watch ANYTHING that depicts immoral, ungodly, perversions that seem to be all over TV and at the movies. I also BOYCOTT any and all products that pay to have these programs on TV. I realize I’m just one person also, but I have decided that if more like me decided also to throw their dollars elsewhere, it might make a dent at some point. I have a granddaughter who lives with me, and she used to watch Charlie on Disney; but after reading that this week I’ve told her no more, and no more Disney.  Like you, we’ve also begun a campaign to play games and cards at our house. We also look things up on the Internet, such as shows and programming about animals, the world and of course, the Lord.  

My poor husband, who generally approves of what I decide on these things, has had somewhat of a hard time with a few — such as my refusal to let him buy anything that Johnny Depp or Susan Sarandon has done due to their bashing of America and our way of life. It has gotten so bad on TV that pretty much all I watch right now is the news and a few select shows. It certainly gives me more time in the pursuit of more worthwhile things to do. My granddaughter has become an avid vegetable gardener along side me, among other things.  

Mainly, I just want you to know that I am sure there are MILLIONS more moms and grandmothers like yourself out here. A lot of them may not be vocal, but we are here and are doing our parts the best we can with what we have.  God bless, and hang in there.