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Our Little Scooter

July 26, 2014

by Walker Moore
founder, president of AweStar Ministries

Walker Moore has for decades trained and led thousands of teens on international missions trips, thus changing their lives as disciples and changing the eternities for others who became disciples as a result.
Walker is gifted by God in preaching and leadership. Having spoken at state Baptist conventions, local associations, major churches and missions conferences across the SBC, he remains an influential voice for missions among pastors, church staff and members, and teens.
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My grandson, Titus, is nearing the 11-month mark and has just exited the “Lie There and Drool” stage. That was cute for a while, but it got old fast. He is now entering the “Little Entertainer” phase in which his main goal is to make us laugh. It has been exciting to see sprigs of his personality burst forth as he becomes his own individual. And I already see that he has inherited some of his granddad’s keen sense of humor. Continue reading

Does Paul Teach Limited Atonement? | David L. Allen, PhD

July 24, 2014

A Review of Gibson’s Chapter 12 in
“From Heaven He Came and Sought Her”

by Dr. David L. Allen
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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Jonathan Gibson’s chapter 12 is one of the heftiest in the book, weighing in at 40 plus pages. This is to be expected since there is so much material in the Pauline letters that impinge on the question at hand.

Following a two page introduction, he divides his chapter into five sections: 1) Particularistic texts (4 pages); 2) Universal texts (25+ pages); 3) texts that deal with those perishing, false teachers, and offended brothers, for whom Christ died (2 pages); 4) Christ died for “all” and for the “world (5 pages);” and 5) Definite atonement and evangelism (1 page). This is followed by a summary conclusion.   Continue reading

Comparing Calvinism to SBC Traditionalism

July 23, 2014

Our thanks to Dr. Adam Harwood and for use of this chart
comparing Calvinism to SBC Traditionalism. View the chart at Connect316.


Verbiage from Connect316:
Our first goal is to advocate views rooted in the Hobbs-Rogers tradition. This chart, *with the original labels Calvinistic Southern Baptist and Non-Calvinistic Southern Baptist*, was provided by Dr. Adam Harwood, McFarland Chair of Theology, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and is meant to illustrate general theological views among Southern Baptists. There are far more views in common than views which separate these groups. Also, there are always exceptions to categories and definitions, including those listed below. However, the views below are rooted in historic confessions and the writings of representative theologians.
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