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Reproofs/Review of PROOF / Doug Sayers, former Calvinist

July 31, 2014

PROOF – a review and commentary

Published by Zondervan, PROOF, the book was read very clearly by Josh Aaron. Not too fast and with a marked absence of high school drama and distracting preachiness. Well done, Josh (but you might be expelled from today’s Reformed community for mispronouncing R.C. Sproul’s name and his Ligonier Ministries!)

The authors, Daniel Montgomery and Timothy Paul Jones, are shown to be very capable writers; with appeal, I would think, to younger as well as older readers (like me). Daniel is the founding pastor of Soujourn Community Church in Louisville, Ky., with an MDiv from SBTS; and Timothy is a professor and associate VP at Southern. They contend, along with all true Christians, that we need a grace centered understanding of the biblical salvation. Going further, they insist, along with all true Calvinists, that we need an *irresistible* grace centered understanding of the biblical salvation. Grace, alone, is not sufficient. In their view, you must understand saving grace as utterly irresistible to discover that life does not depend upon you. Continue reading

Reviewing Gibson on Pauline Soteriology & Limited Atonement in “From Heaven He Came …”

July 30, 2014

A Review of Gibson’s Chapter 13 in
“From Heaven He Came and Sought Her”

by Dr. David L. Allen
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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In chapter 13, Jonathan Gibson attempts to demonstrate definite atonement in Paul’s soteriology. His basic thesis is that definite atonement emerges from the Pauline letters when one  approaches the issue in a biblico-systematic fashion. “Definite atonement is a theological conclusion reached on the other side of comprehensive synthesis” (332).

Strikingly, Gibson announces: “When exegesis serves the domain of constructive theology . . . one may argue not only that Paul’s theology allows for a definite atonement but that it can point in no other direction” (332).

Bold words.

Can Gibson deliver? Continue reading

Responding to Insults: Unappreciated Pastor

July 28, 2014

Unappreciated Pastor?
Hardly. Not with almost 30K Twitter followers.
We appreciate U, U.P.!

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Insults. If you are in the ministry get ready for them. I’m not talking about insults from the community. It’s not the watching world that usually gets to us. Insults from those within your congregation are the ones that will bother you the most. I remember vividly my first insult. I had just started preaching. I think it was my third sermon. At my home church it was the custom of the preacher to stand at the front door and speak to folks as they left. A cute little girl walked up to me and said, “My mom says you’ll learn to preach one day!” As Rose Mary’s baby departed, I resisted the strong desire to remind her mother of what an awful job she was doing as a parent. I would be lying if I said that remark didn’t hurt. I quickly learned that, if I was going to continue in ministry, I had better be prepared for snarky comments, insults and unfriendly sarcasm. Continue reading

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