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9 y/o Becomes Biblical Disciple

May 20, 2014

“Saved at 9 years old, pastor’s wife, mother of one son, grandmother of 4, listening for the trumpet to go home.”

The sentence above is the Twitter profile that garnered the moderator’s attention when he thanked Debra Hodges for her numerous “favorites” and “retweets” of SBCToday. Curious about her conversion to Christ, the moderator DM’d and asked Debra to write her testimony for our blog readers. Immediately below is the prefatory email that bore her attached testimony, which is the bottom-most part of this post.

I received a tweet from you a while back asking if I was saved at 9 years-old and if I wanted to submit my testimony. So I prayed over it, and the attachment is part of my testimony. There is no way to write all that God has done in our lives, but I can testify that He has been who He said He was and He always did what He said He would do.  He is faithful and true. I have never regretted giving my life to him. I have learned through the words of others that God is too good to be unkind, too wise to make a mistake, and that when I cannot trace His Hand, I can trust His heart.

Thank you for your consideration to publish my testimony. I have never written it out before like this…

Sincerely Yours Because of Him,

Debra Hodges, Pastor’s wife and Women’s Ministry Leader
Rice Memorial Baptist Church
Greenwood, SC

When my grandfather passed away, our family moved from the country to the mill village in our city. This address change was not the only change that summer. I met new neighbors and went to a new school, but the greatest change was going to a new church. My dad decided to go to a Baptist church in the mill village so we all began to attend. The church was so close that I began walking to every service and attending every ministry available to an 8 year-old girl. Continue reading

Time & Treasures / Walker Moore

May 18, 2014

by Walker Moore
founder, president of AweStar Ministries

Walker Moore has for decades trained and led thousands of teens on international missions trips, thus changing their lives as disciples and changing the eternities for others who became disciples as a result.
Walker is gifted by God in preaching and leadership. Having spoken at state Baptist conventions, local associations, major churches and missions conferences across the SBC, he remains an influential voice for missions among pastors, church staff and members, and teens.
To book Walker as a speaker in your church or conference, click HERE.

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