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Neither Calvinists nor Arminians but Baptists, 1/3

April 30, 2014

“The primary focus of Christians should be to carry out the Great Commission under the lordship of Jesus Christ according to the guidelines found in the inerrant Word of God.”

White Paper 36
Published by the Center for Theological Research
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Calvin’s “Temporary Faith” for the Reprobate

April 30, 2014

by Ron F. Hale 

I’m sorry, but I have a tender heart toward the theological creature in the Augustinian/Reformed tradition called the reprobate.  It gets even worse! Did John Calvin teach that God gives a “temporary faith” to the reprobate—making them think they are saved—when they are not?

A great deal is said by John Calvin concerning the reprobate in his classic Institutes of the Christian Religion and in particular book III, chapter II, section 11.1 To help, I will divide his long paragraph into four (4) sections and add commentary. The emboldened phrases will be my emphasis added. Continue reading

Tornados, Tragedies & Truth / Rev. Robin Foster

April 29, 2014

There is no doubt that many of our thoughts and prayers are focused on the victims of the tornados and tragedies that struck Mayflower, Vilonia, and other areas. While we can and will rebuild, the greatest loss is that of life. Friends have asked me how God could allow this to happen. This is a tough question, indeed, and a Christian’s response to it can bring someone closer to God, or drive them away. Continue reading

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