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Neither Calvinists nor Arminians but Baptists, 1/3


“The primary focus of Christians should be to carry out the Great Commission under the lordship of Jesus Christ according to the guidelines found in the inerrant Word of God.” White Paper 36 Published by the Center for Theological Research at © 2010 Permissions: The purpose of this material is to serve the […]

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Calvin’s “Temporary Faith” for the Reprobate


Calvin seeks to explain the assurance of salvation for the elect in this section of the Institutes, but he digresses to the extreme in dealing with the reprobate.

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Tornados, Tragedies & Truth / Rev. Robin Foster


“Our community truly has been blessed by the outpouring of love since Sunday night” — Robin Foster, pastor.

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Dr. Johnny Hunt at NOBTS / Rom. 12.2


“I have never known a generation that has so defined the Gospel, but has done so little to declare it” — Dr. Johnny Hunt.

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There’s a Fire in Adam’s House / Doug Sayers


When I was a Calvinist, I had more trouble fending off hyper-Calvinism than non-Calvinism. I really didn’t want to be a hyper-Calvinist, but I came to see that there wasn’t any real and substantive difference.