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Scared Straight: Pastor’s Edition / Unappreciated Pastor


by Unappreciated Pastor
(Unappreciated Pastor blogs HERE.)

So, you wanna be a pastor? Big man on campus; that’s you, huh? Standing up there in front of everybody, holding your Bible, preaching to the people. I can see you now, scooting around the stage, dancing to the “Amens” and applause. Mr. Pastor, Bishop, Reverend, Elder, Preacher Man. Yeah. I used to be like you.

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A Pastor’s Prayer & Devotional Life / Brad Whitt

Brad Whitt

Dr. Brad Whitt -- pastor, Abilene Baptist Church, Augusta, Ga. -- notes the importance of a pastor’s prayer and devotional life in this week’s “Mondays are for Ministry” video. Get a 4-minute glimpse into this vital part of Pastor Whitt’s life, and leave with a vision of your own for spending time with God both in His Word and in prayer.

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War on Women: What’s a Woman to Do?


by Hariette Petersen
(Hariette blogs, HERE.)

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Well, now, that depends entirely upon the woman, doesn't it? A week ago, a misguided lady wrote a blog-post that sounded like a throwback from the late ’60s. She spewed the kind of blather Phil Donahue hailed in his hey-day. Her thoughts created a bit of a stir on Fox News segments for a couple of days. My daughter came over and asked if I'd seen the scourging the blogger delivered on stay-at-home-moms and if I'd read what Matt Walsh had countered on his blog. Matt dismissed it as rather goofy rhetoric designed to increase ad hits for her blog. 

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A Winner of Souls / W A Criswell


Preached: 1/12/75
Text: James 5.19-20

On the radio, we welcome you; and on television, we welcome you.  This is the First Baptist Church in Dallas, and this is the pastor bringing the message entitled A Winner of Souls.  It is an exposition of the last verses of the Book of James.  In our preaching through the Book of James, we have come to the last chapter and the last verses.  Next Sunday we will conclude our long series on this letter of the pastor of the church at Jerusalem, and it will be entitled The Coming of the Lord.

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The Public Invitation: how biblical is it?


by Dan Nelson, pastor
FBC Camarillo, Calif.

A popular opinion is that public invitation is outdated, unbiblical, and is a manipulative ploy that hinders people from actually experiencing the Lord’s salvation. Opponents of the public invitation deem it a man-made scheme to get people to respond by walking to the front of the church after the sermon, in some sort of a declaration that they have become a Christian.

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