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The path, person & promise / Junior Hill


“Now, what do you think would have happened if I sat next to that man and said, ‘Sir, I’m an evangelist. Will you give me a thousand dollars’”? — Junior Hill.

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The Most Difficult Passage in the Bible / W A Criswell


“Or put it in my words:
‘Why does God blame men then, if God’s will is irresistible?'”

Rethinking “Rethinking” / J. Pritchett


“’Rethinking’ presupposes there has been a lot of thinking on this or that issue when there isn’t much evidence for that.”

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Is *All* church growth kingdom growth? / Unappreciated Pastor


It’s no secret that much of church “growth” isn’t kingdom growth at all. New church members often join a church because they have either moved to a new town or are frustrated with the church they are currently in.

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Land delivers inaugural Ethics & Religious Liberty Lectures


The law of God written on everyone’s conscience, and the witness of God in creation means that no one has an excuse for not following God because what can be seen of him in Creation.

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