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The Fear of God

Any right thoughts of God’s amazing purity of nature will surely beget a pious fear of him.

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Off the Grid


I take these students into remote parts of the world where there is no electricity, no Internet, no cell phone signals, no high-definition television. … I want to get them to the point where the only thing left that has power is the Word of God.

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From Calvin to Molina


It was … even harder to understand how God, knowing that everyone is in need of a Savior, would not enable everyone to accept the offer of new life in Christ.

Authentic Baptists & The Little Sisters of the Poor


Thomas Helwys, a 17th century Baptist, declared: “The King is a mortal man, and not God” and “therefore hath no power over [the] immortal souls of his subjects.”

Harvesting Souls / W A Criswell


There is the blemish in every life, a shortcoming, a lack, a need, sin. And this is the Savior. He saves us from death, sin, the penalty and judgment of our dereliction, shortcoming, error, and mistake. Jesus saves us from our transgression and iniquity. Jesus saves us from death and He saves us to eternal life.

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