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Preaching on the Sinai Side of Calvary


The following is an excerpt from a sermon on John 3.16 preached by W.A. Criswell in 1987.
He recalls an incident in the life of the great evangelist, D.L. Moody.

"Have you ever read the story of Harry Moorehouse? One of the most unusual providences I’ve ever heard of; when Dwight L. Moody finished his revival meeting in this last century in Birmingham, England, to bid him goodbye among the throngs was a young man named Harry Moorehouse. And he said to Moody, “I hope to come to America. And when I do, I’ll preach for you.” Well, you don’t preach for somebody on your own invitation; you have to be invited. He wasn’t invited. “I’ll preach for you.” Moody was gracious and said, “Well, when you come to America, you be sure and speak to us. Let us know. We’ll welcome you.”

About six months later, D.L. Moody in Chicago received a telephone call from New York City. It was that young man, Harry Moorehouse. And he said to Moody, “I’m here in New York and I’ll be in Chicago Wednesday, and I’ll preach for you Wednesday night.”

When Wednesday came, Moody had to leave on another assignment, and he told his deacons, “This young fellow in New York, from Birmingham, England, says he’s going to preach for us tonight, Wednesday. Now you ask him to say a few words in kindness and courtesy.” So Moody left.

That night, Wednesday night, the deacons invited the young fellow to say a few words. He stood up there and he began pouring out his soul and heart on John 3:16. And when he gave an invitation, there were about ten people saved.

Well, the deacons were overwhelmed! So they said, “You preach for us tomorrow night, Thursday night. We’ll have services.”

The young fellow stood up there Thursday night, preached on the same text, John 3:16. And there were about fifteen people saved. They were overwhelmed! And they announced, “On Friday night, we’ll have services again. And this young man will preach.” And only Friday night, they had about twenty people saved. They announced services for Saturday night.

And on Saturday, Mr. Moody came back to Chicago. And his wife said to him, she said, “Husband, we’re in the midst of a great revival. And this young fellow, Harry Moorehouse, will be preaching again tonight.” And she said to Moody, “The people are being converted, and you’re going to be converted!” Moody was astonished at what his wife said. He replied, “I’ve been preaching over twenty years and you say I’m going to be converted!”

“Yes,” she says, “and you will see. You’ll understand.” When the service began on Saturday night, Moody sat on the front row, highly critical. The young fellow began preaching again on John 3:16. And there were about twenty-five or thirty people saved on Saturday night.

That continued every night for six solid weeks. And when it was over, Moody said, “I got converted, changed.” He said, “Heretofore, I have been preaching on the Sinai side of Calvary—been preaching hellfire and damnation and thunder and lightning! But,” he said, “after those six weeks, I began preaching the other side of Calvary: grace, and forgiveness, and love, and salvation in the outpouring of the loving heart and saving blood of our Lord.”

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Online Bible Study: 1 John


The book of 1 John is a book of great encouragement and teaching for the believer.

Written late in the 1st Century, the Apostle John wrote the book to provide boundaries on our beliefs about Christ. The creeping philosophy of gnosticism was affecting the belief system of early believers. Was Jesus just a spirit? Was Jesus sometimes human and sometimes divine? What does a believer in Jesus believe about Jesus, and how does that believer live?

Join Dr. Randy White for a verse-by-verse journey through the five chapters of 1 John every Thursday night at 8 p.m. CDT on your computer or smart phone/pad. The study is FREE, interactive, and a great time of learning.

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Book of Acts Changes Lives

Now it's your turn to tell the world what God is doing in your church.

Submitted by Brendan Kennedy, SS teacher
Claycomo Baptist Church
Kansas City, Mo.

A couple recently started attending my Sunday school class from out of the blue. They each came from theologically confused backgrounds, the wife from a United Pentecostal (Jesus only) church. I asked the Lord what He was doing in this couple's life that they would suddenly show up in my class. He put it on my heart that I should immediately stop what we were doing and teach through the book of Acts. I did as I was told, and we got through less than half of the lesson I had prepared because the wife had so many questions about the Holy Spirit and baptism. She later came forward to request baptism at the invitation. The couple joined the church the following Sunday and attend faithfully. I am humbled that God would give me something so specific to do, and then use it to draw this woman to Himself. All glory to God!

Clean or Dirty? / Dr. Stephen Rummage

Steven Rummage

A "Moving Forward" devotional
by Dr. Stephen Rummage, pastor
Bell Shoals Baptist Church
Brandon, Fla.

"But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light,
we have fellowship with one another, and the
blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin" 1 John 1:7.

California pastor Greg Laurie makes a simple observation: When he wears white pants, they get stained and spotted very quickly. He writes: “I want to blame it on the fact that I spill because I am wearing white pants, but the truth is that I spill all the time. I think I spill as much on my jeans as I do on my white pants. It is just that white pants display dirt.”

I can identify with Greg Laurie, and you probably can as well. You can probably also see the spiritual application behind his observation.

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SBCToday highly commends Moving Forward devotionals to you. In 2010, Moving Forward with Dr. Stephen Rummage was launched. Moving Forward is the daily Bible teaching ministry of Dr. Stephen Rummage, Senior Pastor of Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida.

Dr. Rummage has a heart to see people come to know Christ and then grow in their walk with Christ.

The goal of Moving Forward is to provide solid, Bible-based teaching to help strengthen the walk of those who follow Christ and, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to draw people into relationship with Christ.

Radio broadcasts of Moving Forward can be heard weekdays across Florida, and nationwide on Family Talk Sirius-XM 131.

The Domino Effect of God’s Word

Norm Miller

by Norm Miller

 “What a pastor does with Scripture on Sunday reflects what God's Word did to him the other six days of the week.”

The particular arrangement of the words above is original, but the thoughts expressed therein may not be. It was Spurgeon who said, “The Ancients have stolen my best thoughts.”

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