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I’d Rather Have a Dog

January 26, 2014

by Walker Moore
AweStar Ministries

Yes, you can survive the teenage years. If you are the parent or grandparent of teenagers, this, too, shall pass. But it will seem like an eternity before it does.

I love teenagers and I despise them. How can someone be so spontaneous one minute, and walk around sulking about everything the next? One moment, teenagers are sharp and witty; the next, they are dumber than dirt. When my teenage sons were in their negative moods, I think I’d rather have had a dog. There are many advantages to having a dog instead of a teenager. Continue reading

Praying at Planned Parenthood

January 24, 2014

by Bill Tummons, pastor
Dover Shores Baptist Church
Orlando, Fla.

I participated in an hour of prayer outside the Planned Parenthood office here in Orlando today. I have trained as a sidewalk counselor for Pro Life Action Ministries, and as a post-abortion counselor for men with the Cornerstone Crises Pregnancy Center. Continue reading

Dr. Randy White & “Ask the Theologian” Radio Program

January 23, 2014

“Ask the Theologian” is a radio program launched and hosted by Dr. Randy White, pastor of First Baptist Church in Katy, Texas. As a blogging pastor and contributing writer for SBCToday, Dr. White granted the following interview to relate his motivations and aspirations regarding this new ministry venture.

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When did “Ask the Theologian” launch?
We launched a beta version on the Internet last fall. The program officially launched on radio stations the weekend of January 18, 2014. Our prayer is to have 100 radio stations in the first year.

What reasons motivated you to inaugurate this ministry?
Theology is so absent from the church today. Almost everything that a Christian can find in sermons, Bible studies, Christian books, and even seminars and conferences is “felt-need” oriented. The development of good theological thinkers is essential to a healthy future of the church. I am worn out with the “Twitter theology,” as I call it, which encapsulates a pithy doctrinal saying into a few words, but is often not even biblically valid. Yet, because it sounds good and is about the Bible, Christians like it, post it, retweet it, and praise it. It is time for Christians to question the assumptions of these statements. Sadly, many sermons and Bible studies have become Twitter theology, but with a longer character space. Continue reading