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‘Bye-bye, Girl Scout Cookies,’ blogger says.


That Girl Scouts USA promotes a totally racist woman like Sanger from whom to model their speeches is disgusting.

A Grandmother Agrees: Beware of Disney


I have a granddaughter who lives with me, and she used to watch Charlie on Disney; but after reading that this week I’ve told her no more, and no more Disney.

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How Does Your Theology Read John 3:16?


Francis Turretin (1623-1687) said of this verse, “However it is certain that not the whole world, but only those chosen out of the world are saved; therefore to them properly this love has reference.”

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Beware of the Disney Channel


Disney has decided it is “relevant” to introduce the two lesbian women to the show to force-feed their view of “inclusiveness and diversity.”

An amazing example of giving / Todd Starnes


Read Todd’s heart-warming (and stomach-filling) account, and you will, once again, understand why it is more blessed to give than to receive.