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Jonah and the “Underbelly” of Election


The prophets never tire of reminding Israel that her election is not a privilege which she may selfishly keep for herself; election is a call to service.

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Reflections on Southern Seminary, part 4


Compatibilism asserts that God is the cause of all things, including the “free” decisions of humans. This claim is made by redefining God’s permission and human freedom in highly unusual and suspect ways.

Dying for a Lost World / W.A. Criswell


And when He came into the world, they sang songs of glory: “Glory to God! Glory in the highest! On earth, peace, good will to men” [Luke 2:14]. It was a beautiful, glorious, dramatic, precious, incomparably meaningful, significant moment when the Prince of heaven came down into this world and was incarnate and became a human being like us.

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The Gift


At last, the time came to give my speech. I walked up to the pulpit with every eye focused on me, sweating like it was at least 150 degrees in the room. As I began to speak, my body shook and my voice broke.

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Reflections on Southern Seminary, part 3.


The study of this whole subject gave me a greater appreciation of and, frankly, a better hermeneutic for OT narratives. As I shared in my chapel sermon, it’s easy to fall into therapeutic, deistic, moralizing (especially when preaching OT narratives) and forget the gospel.