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Preaching Hebrews 6:1-8, Part 1


Dr. Criswell is not the first preacher to shy away from preaching on the most difficult passage in Hebrews and what some interpreters would label the most difficult passage in the New Testament.

Open Letter to Southern Baptist Laypersons

If left unchecked by Southern Baptist laypersons, the very same organizational system that would have placed us under liberal control in the 1980s will place us under Calvinist-Evangelical control today.

Getting a grip on apologetics: definitions and clarity, part 1


“Apologetics is relatively unknown in the majority of Southern Baptist churches” Johnathan Pritchett.

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Advice to a New Youth Pastor


“And today, 40 years later, I’m just as excited about working with students. But as with any job, I wish I’d known back then what I know today.”

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What Happened to Baby George in His Christening?


” … if so I may baptize my dog or my donkey, or I may circumcise girls … bring infants to the Lord’s Supper … sell the Mass for an offering. For it is nowhere said in express words that we must not do these things.”

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