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FBC Oxford, Miss., members apologize for 1968 vote banning black members


First Baptist Church in Oxford passed a resolution to retract and nullify a 1968 vote by the church to ban African-Americans from its pews.

LifeWay’s Midlife Identity Crisis

“Is LifeWay still a Southern Baptist institution that just happens to provide resources to evangelicals? Or is it now an evangelical institution that just happens to provide resources to Southern Baptists?” — Dr. Rick Patrick.

Crushed, not destroyed; eternal, not temporal.

Norm Miller

When we stepped into the water, knee-deep, the small fry parted and then gathered around us. And the feathered feeding frenzy stopped.

Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson & Youtube Devotionals


“If little girls are looking up to me, I’ve got to be the example they need” — Sadie Robertson.

Why God Honors Repentance, Isaiah 59


“God is waiting for us to turn to Him in repentance and faith. He will not force anyone to follow Him and accept Christ as Savior. He has been and will be there for anyone to come to Him” — Dan Nelson.