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1816 & ’45 docs move Sandy Creek away from Calvinism


Like the 1845 Sandy Creek document, SBTS President E.Y. Mullins used the 1833 New Hampshire Confession as he led the SBC to adopt the BFM in 1925. He could have used the Abstract of Principles.

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Why Calvin was wrong about Romans 9


“John Calvin’s interpretation of Romans 9.18 and 22 is called double-edged predestination. … But a study of these verses in light of the entire chapter reveals a completely different picture of what Paul was saying” — Bob Rogers.

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Lessons on Racism from Church Members


“I got a call … that five families were going to leave the church if I didn’t stop evangelizing the black community” Billy Stevens, discipleship pastor, FBC, Houma, La.

INTERVIEW: Dennis Allen, M.C.M., 3x Dove Award Winner


Pastors, worship leaders, and anyone else interested in some of the issues surrounding church music and worship should enjoy this candid interview, wherein Dennis Allen, M.C.M., shares his heart and vision for church worship and their leaders.

Comment responses to “Developing Sermon Outlines”


If the text is the very word of God … breathed out by the Holy Spirit, shouldn’t we conclude that the best way to accurately communicate the meaning of a text is to structure sermon organization semantically along the same lines as that of the text?

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