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Five reasons why the Bible is the most important book on earth, and why you should read it.

August 21, 2013

Five reasons why the Bible is the most important book on earth, and why you should READ it.

Today’s READ link above leads to The Pocket Testament League site has numerous evangelistic and discipleship resources for the Christian who is serious about planting Gospel seeds, sharing the Word of God, and discipling themselves and others. SBCToday recommends you spend a few minutes at, exploring the free resources.


Believer’s Baptism and Those Who Got In “Hot Water”

August 19, 2013

Rev. Ron Hale
Senior Adult Pastor

West Jackson Baptist Church

In his renowned work on 16th Century Anabaptists, Dr. William R. Estep[1] says, “If the most obvious demarcation between the Reformers and the Roman Catholics was biblical authority, that between the Reformers and the Anabaptists was believer’s baptism. Believer’s baptism was for the Anabaptists the logical implementation of the Reformation principle of sola Scriptura.”[2] Believers’ baptism, by its very nature, eliminates any possibility of infant baptism.[3] “If you can show me a single instance of infant baptism in the Bible, I am defeated,” was the repeated challenge by one Anabaptist leader whom I will mention in a moment.

Southern Baptists need to understand the theological tributaries that have pointed us to deep pools and simple truths through the years. As Baptists, we were dunked down under.  We were not sprinkled or poured upon. “A little dab’ll do ya”[4] was not the sentiment of the Baptist pastor that laid me back into a watery grave (Rom. 6:4) and raised me up to walk in newness of life at the age of 23. I went under, realizing that Jesus had already forgiven me of my sins through the shedding of His blood and the water baptism was my first step of obedience in following Him.

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