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Five reasons why the Bible is the most important book on earth, and why you should read it.


Today’s post leads to The Pocket Testament League site has numerous evangelistic and discipleship resources for the Christian who is serious about planting Gospel seeds, sharing the Word of God, and discipling themselves and others. SBCToday recommends you spend a few minutes at, exploring the free resources.

Religious v. Spiritual


The term “spiritual but not religious” has evolved from an academic definition to a label for people who have abandoned traditional congregations for more solitary belief and worship.

Believer’s baptism and those who got in “hot water”


Immerse yourself in Ron Hale’s retrospective on baptism, and how the practice and defense of the biblical mandate and doctrine proved fatal to thousands.

What love is not.

Norm Miller

God is love, and here is what godly love does not do.

The Intent of Repentance, Matt 21:28-3


Repentance is more than lip service: “Lip service is cheap. To know to do right and fail to do it however is a sin (James 4:17).”