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About those ‘in limbo’ RE infants going to Hell


Roman Catholics say: “The traditional concept of limbo – as a place where unbaptized infants spend eternity but without communion with God – seemed to reflect an ‘unduly restrictive view of salvation.'”

Words With Friends, part 2: Precise Names for Soteriological Views

“… the moniker Calvinism, a multi-faceted, umbrella term whose strongest proponents must even admit fails the test of theological precision quite miserably” — Dr. Rick Patrick.

Praying for Miley Cyrus. Will you?


We should have as much or more fervor for praying for Miley as we have invested in our disgust for her actions.

Double-digit baptisms at Abilene Baptist Church. Brad Whitt, pastor.

Now it's your turn to tell the world what God is doing in your church.

Sharing the gospel at home and abroad, Abilene Baptist Church will start a second worship service Sept. 8.

Pleased with God, or enjoying him?

Norm Miller

Yes, we are delighted with what the Lord has done. But, are we delighted IN Him?