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A Real Encounter at Double Decker

June 19, 2013

First Baptist Church, Oxford, Miss.
Eric Hankins, Pastor

Double Decker is a huge music and arts festival here in Oxford. Because of our city’s name, we kind of like English things, and we have a Double-Decker bus that’s run around town for years that is sort of our city’s mascot. Oxford is the literary and arts hub of Mississippi. Tens of thousands come for the weekend, which also is a big SEC baseball weekend.

Our church sponsored the Real Encounter Team as part of the festivities. The Real Encounter Team consists of evangelical Christians who perform stunts with BMX bicycles, motorcycles and ramps. The team drew about 1,000 people total to their three shows on our church parking lot just three blocks from all the other Double Decker activities.

At each performance, the Real Encounter Team’s leader told the crowds that he would be telling how Jesus Christ transformed his life. The result was that we saw more than 20 people pray to receive Christ. Several FBC members were wearing “Ask Me” shirts, which aided in making our evangelistic follow-up training extremely effective.

Later, some of us left our parking lot and walked into the center of the festival area as the evening fell and the partying cranked up. The “Ask Me” shirts sparked some really great conversations. I was asked why the sky was blue, if beer had to remain in cups or could be drunk straight from the can, and what I thought was the role of art in society. All of these inquiries were springboards for Gospel conversations. I learned that night that, by-and-large people are not hostile to talking about Christ. The main problem is that no one is engaging them.

(Ed’s. note: SBCToday applauds the evangelistic efforts of FBC Oxford for capitalizing on a public event and providing an intersection between culture and the Gospel.)

From Drugs to Divine

June 18, 2013

Bethel Baptist Church, Greenfield, Tenn.
David Worley, Pastor

Yesterday, I had the awesome privilege of leading a young man to faith in Jesus Christ. Sherrie and I went to the hospital in Jackson, Tenn., to visit someone, and the Lord had a divine appointment set up. This young man has been addicted to drugs, and he wants to get away from them. It was a great thing to watch him call upon the Lord Jesus to save him.

Alive Week 2013

June 18, 2013

New Hope Baptist Church, Fayetteville, Ga.
Student Ministry – Alive Week

Student Camp Alive Week at Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, Ga., ended with a powerful service led by Dr. Emir Caner.  After Dr. Caner shared from  Acts 2:38 that the most important word in the Bible was “repent,” he invited students to make a decision for Christ.  Four students made a decision to follow Christ in believer’s baptism and 17 students answered the call to full-time service either in missions or vocational ministry.  Praise be to God!